Blatant Lies

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I'm not gonna finish homework.

Django Unchained is an awful movie

I don't think I have insomnia...

You shouldn't take a melatonin supplement.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome.

Doing well at DOTA feels horrible.

I don't have to start my new part time job today. I'm going to have lots of energy when I come back this evening.

I feel completely fine right now.

I don't think I have insomnia...

Homoeopathy will help you.

I didn't play Halo 4 with Fijiman!

I'm not laughing like crazy.

I am feeling fine these days.

Stop posting every one!

Ok just stop!

I love being sick.

I'm at work right now.

Worst day ever today folks.

Have a miserable Australia day you horrible people.

I hope Australia burns to the ground.

Also, I didn't get a part that tricks my Wii into outputing in HD. The PVR falls for the trick though.

@Nero: It probably couldn't if it tried. XD

I'm not posting the next post rush just... this... minute.

This link wasn't edited in. Ignore it.

@Doc: If you believe then anything is possible!

I don't wish that Mario Kart Double Dash didn't have some sorta online mode.

@Max: You're going to be the first to win two rounds, I can just feeel it! XD

I'm gonna win the round so hard that it'll be illegal in six states.

I didn't get a N64 controller extension cable in the mail today.

...I didn't order a Gamecube one...>.>

That's hilarious.

They said that they won't send me a Gamecube one in the mail.

I have not been playing guild wars 2 recently, that is not why I'm posting less.

Steam works fantastic on my system. Also have a miserable Australia day.

Evil Smurf:
Steam works fantastic on my system. Also have a miserable Australia day.

May yours be horrible and Gangnam style win the hottest 100.

I will see my Grandmother alive again... :(

It was her wish that I didn't see her until after she passed. She said she didn't want my last memory of her being seeing her this sick and weak and, well, dying. My mother is with her. I'm respecting my Grandmother's wish but I feel a lot of regret. Time makes fools of us all...

*hugs Red*
My uncle and grandmother didn't wish the same thing when they had died.
You have none of our condolences.
If you need someone to talk to you can PM me anytime.

I'm so full right now, I'm glad that I remembered to get the groceries before the shops closed.

I hope you are not okay Red *hugs*

I hate sushi.

I want to do the homework that is due tomorrow.

I'm not going to try and finish an entire JRPG in one weekend.

To do this I'm going to utilise the twenty five hour day by playing through my lunch hour.

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