Blatant Lies

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I am not watching my teacher cook today...I hope I don't get some free food after.

I really want to go out into the cold again. Really. I really want to be up this early on my day off. Really.

And I really want to go driving in these conditions. Really.

I haven't caught a cold recently, I don't feel like crap.

I'm not going on a diet.
I'm very skinny.

I'm not obese according to WiiFit

I'm not gonna miss food.

I have not had soup today.

There isn't another piece of equipment that I'd want.

I haven't playing a lot of my favorite game.

My power didn't just get knocked out for a few seconds. I'm not suspecting it might do so again later on. Intelligent storm.

This is not my first post.

Go away, no one wants you here. leave the Escapist now!

These captchas are my favorite! I wish there was an option to turn them on for every post!

don't get a pub club membership

I won't eventually get one. :P

android is a better OS then IOS, it is smoother and more functional.

Evil Smurf was following the rules of the thread in his post about phone operating systems.

Vgmaster wasn't trying to be clever about Smurf's post.

MrCollins hasn't thought about stabbing me with that pencil

Janjotat shouldn't stop telling people I plan to stab you.

I totally didn't just spend over an hour reading this thread, and I can stop thinking in blatant lies any time I want.

Reading this thread is bad for your health.

I'm not back.

Your title is not good.

I never drink.

It's so wildly inappropriate XD

what's alcohol? is it nice? I've never drunk before.

@Evil: It makes the pain go away.

I'm never sober.

I didn't fall asleep on the couch last night.

I didn't buy RAM for my laptop.

I run mine on sheep.

It's less as effective but is a lot cheaper.

I don't still need to get a gamepad for pc. Not having one is never annoying.

I don't use a Wiimote as a gamepad on my phone

I totally knew you could do that. 0.0

Also, I didn't buy a PS2 HDMI converter.
Funny how some of the reviews say it sucks and they plugged it into the usb port and nothing happen. Idiots were supposed to plug it into the A/V slot! XD

Reviewers aren't often stupid and unqualified.

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