Blatant Lies

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I won't ask how it's acting up.

The fan is working just fine

That's great!
I'm sure you can't replace them right?

Also, my computer isn't 17% fragmented...>.>

Nope, I had resorted to homemade fans and hamsters!

Gee wiz, that's sound like good news!

Hamsters always are the preferred power source.

It isn't that fragmented because I've been rendering and recording a lot.
No that'd just be silly, not like I'm making LPing a second job or anything.
My own upload schedule I set for myself will be the end of me.

I love Duke Nukem: Forever, such a divine game with no flaws in anyway. It is clearly the game to end all other games.

I passed my Communications quiz. T^T
Got a 5 out of 8. I had small quizzes because they can screw you over so much.

I did not narrowly avoided a flamewar over guns

Something funny didn't happen at work.

The following is all lies "A bloke was showing me how to do a termination and the block didn't really fit in the case so you had to push it in with a screw driver. He said Now its easy to slip and hurt yourself here so be careful. And after saying that he did slip and there was blood and much laughter.......from me not him, he was in pain."

I'm a good person.

I am not wasting my day off work. >_>

Evil Smurf:
I did not narrowly avoided a flamewar over guns

You whimp, you know it's always good to into a flamewar!

@Ahri: *glomps*
We didn't miss you.

@Neronium: *nibbles on*

I didn't miss you guys, either.

I hate your new avatar.

No one should use anime avatars they don't work.

I know right.
People hate this avatar that I have. They tell me so whenever I'm quoted.

If only we knew who that skeleton guy was.

I am not wasting my day off work. >_>

You've been around.

I love that I'm forced to view The Escapist with Arial as the main font.

I also love how tired I feel right now.

I didn't play Halo 4 with Tizzy again today.

I woke up before 4 pm today.

I didn't have two busy work days in a row.

I didn't go to my friend's birthday party.

I heard wonderful news about how the Japan Club I used to run is going...>.>

I don't care about your Japan Club?

I don't think that some cars have ridiculous names.

I'm also not growing frustrated with having to use my laptop's trackpad.

@Ahri: There is nothing wrong with calling a car an Efijy.

@Dr.Susse: I knew that a car called an Efijy existed. o_O

I am not going out to a party tonight.

Don't party on!

I'm not going to have a 15 minute shower now.

I'm not sad now.

I don't want to know why you're sad.

[lie] Typing that didn't feel harsh. [/lie]

My avatar is showing up.

I can't see your avatar.

I enjoy having an internet connection that's slower than a crippled snail.

I can't see it.

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