Blatant Lies

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I have three heads, all of which went splat that one time.

I don't have research to do on MLK's gay black Quaker adviser.

I have eight essays to do.

I didn't make a thread in off-topic :P

You linked it! :P

I did'n't post in it.

I hate GameGrumps, but they never complain too much.

I am not back from work feeling so tired I could go to sleep right now.

I'm back from being banned.

I didn't end up finding Tizzy's thread without the link!

Oh and work is not happening right now. Yay. -.-

I've been banned 15 times.

I feel cultural guilt about things.

I have children

I'm not procrastinating.

Yup, depression gone. <.<

Give in.

Wait turn to a large amount alcohol! I hear Gin doesn't make you cry; try that.

Stab them all

I don't have a headache at all right now....

I did not get my mum a card for Mother's Day.

I'm not downloading all my steam games

Worst music in an 8-bit video game ever.

Playing an NCR run of Fallout New Vegas is not a good way to distract myself.

I am excessively perverted evil.

I'm not punching your salad.

I do not have an exam this morning.

I'm not trying to finish Portal

I've never completed either of portal games, and definitely am not posting from my philosophy lecture again >.>

I didn't ace my exam, I suck.

Also, I hate Bobobo-bobo-bobo, it is not funny as hell.

I'm not going to game.

I believe Redlin has no game!!

I've got game.
I also have lots of games.

I never go on the escapist during class.

The left side of my brain isn't hurting. XP

The Captcha wasn't:"what is your quest" My first reaction wasn't to put "to find the holy grail" as the response.

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