Blatant Lies

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Leave now Fiji. I mean it!

Living Brain is dead.

I'm thinking of doing a March Post Rush.

I killed living brain.

I'm not installing drivers for my windows 7 partition. I won't be playing SR3 soon.

Oh no footy isn't on.

I must now go jump into a lake.

Happy Wheels isn't a fun game when you're bored.

My Steam account is working now.

I don't love SR3

This thread has descended into a shambles of sin and derogatory behaviour.

It is up to people like me to save you all from an eventual anarchic end.

Donate to the clean up the Blatant lie thread today!

*gives $8.47 AUD*

bridge trolls attacked my house.

My upper lip doesn't feel really dry. It isn't really pissing me off.

Watching Dr. Susse's avatar is boring and unfunny.

I'm now a robot.

I am a cat.

I hate cats. I also hate Kat, Kat Von D to be less precise.

Cats are not the cutest.

I didn't make my own lunch at work.

I do that all the time. Copper and aluminium taste great!

I had a very short and useless discussion with Para on Skype. Now I should stay awake. Forever.

I'm not reinstalling windows 7. I'm not enduring windows just for Saints Row 3.

I love how my dad is restricting me from playing the PS3.

@First: Yell at him, that should do the trick!

I'm a troll who loves R&P.

Al hands on deck! We're taking on water; bail son bail!

I think I will continue to make Post Rush games seeing as they really do go by fast and exciting.


I didn't patch things up with my dad. We didn't clean cars together. It was un-enjoyable.

I'm dying in Cave Story right now.

Bread is only there to make meals worse.

I didn't listen to Psy at work.

Redlin's a jerk, along with the rest of all of the people who frequent Forum Games.

I haven't been having minor tech issue's all night tonight.

I've been around.

Well its been long enough. This thread is dead.

Good run people but nothing to see here move along.

@Topaz: Good.

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