Blatant Lies

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I love the sun!

Nobody wants Martian Manhunter on Injustice.

My ram did not come this morning.

I'd heard of Black Adam before todays Unskippable.

I'm not lost in thought these days.

I hate the Mortal Kombat series.

Johnny Cage is not cool

I am the anti-Santa.

I don't miss my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee badge theme.

You shouldn't put it back. I won't laugh at your crystal clear face if you.

Aliens exist and they walk among this planet

I smell of flapjacks and underwear.

I can eat a lot of food.

Ask me about my drug addiction!

I can't eat a lot, I'm never hungry.

You are a robot!

I love myself right now.

I am now banned.

It sucks being banned now.

I hope I get banned from something

I have children all over town.

I adopted one of Teoes's kids.

I work too hard

I am James Bond.

I rip off live chicken heads and then through them at people in my spare time.

Fijiman never lies.

I did not see a spelling mistake in his sentence

Sheeva is attractive.

Don Matrick is my hero.

You can't assume the opposite of what people say on this thread is the real truth.

Filipino Champ isn't a huge asshat.

He's not rude, disrespectful and a sore loser.

I am having no problems sleeping at all!

I hate your avatar. Harley Quinn is unloveable.

I don't want a pet Racoon or a Blue Jay

I would kill you if you tried to give me a bacon roll.

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