Blatant Lies

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my homework is not to watch films.

I don't keep changing my avatar.

I always change my avatar.

I've had too many bad ones to choose from.

I can't stop changing my avatar.

I don't remember your avatar from Comander Keen.

Horrible game series.

Also Creed; Las Ketchup; Vengaboys; I'm blue and you are welcome for horrible memories of music.

I'm grateful to you for reminding me of the absolutely best part of Iron Man 3.

I have never been ninja'd

Ow I didn't think you were talking to me there. I can see how my avatar is cute.

I've not been playing minecraft

I'm not going to watch Iron Man 3.

I love it when my computer keeps disconnecting itself from the internet.

I didn't have to use windows 8 today in class, we didn't have to look up how to turn it off.

I'm really psyched about working tomorrow.

I don't have a headache right now.

it is not possible to win my avatar, you don't have to pull the 'You Win!' death to win. The frame is not only 3 milliseconds long though so good luck :P

Gearbox forums is a place of happiness and fun and peace and harmony and everybody's happy. It's the best site on the entire planet. You guys should all visit it!

It can be worse than Aeris Lives.

I didn't just Google what that site was.
I don't regret it. >.>

It can be worse then 4chan right?

I am not sad that Soul Hackers failed to download correctly and have to do it again...

Making how to videos is easy. I'm not on take 10 already

I can't sympathize with you in the slightest when it comes to making videos.

Cam studios is the greatest screen capture program ever. It doesn't mess with my gimp program -_-

staika didn't include a couple of my suggestions in his avatar.

I would never add any of your death suggestions, they were all terrible!

On a side note I did not just complete my how to make a gif video. It didn't take me a few hours to make it but I finally finished it!

I started smoking today, because cancer is fun, also I did not pitch in for carmageddon on pc nor did I buy it on IOS.

I do not have a mountain of work to do right now, and I am definitely not procrastinating by posting on this site.

The cafe has chips left

There shall be a time in your life when you look back on reading this and think.

"Where are my pants?"

I'm sitting in the office right now, thinking "Where are my pants?". And I don't live in the UK, so that doesn't mean my underwear.

Free show for everyone around!

I've not woken up naked not remembering when I took off my clothes. I was not blackout drunk.

I have the pictures.

I intend to blackmail evil smurf using the picures doctor susse took.

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