Blatant Lies

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I can make you ass whistle!

I'd do that.

The following is not a badass song at all:

The Blue Angles don't make a whole lot of noise.

I visit this place regularly.

I don't know you!

I am invincible.

The Hodor "twist" in Game of Thrones was great...

It is Tuesday.

I love consistently being put on garbage teams.

Dave's not here, man...

The internet is full of smart people.

I am sure.

Fuck this metahorror bullshit!

I am thinking about fish.

This is bogus!

Life is awesome

My computer ain't crashin'...

I'm not having a bad time.

Sans isn't a dick...

The next person you meet will offer you cake.

I ate your cake, Hyper!

A football game is totally worth a violent outbreak.

I've enough dicks in my basement for the lot of yas.

There is no time for comedy!

This is the time for grenade bowling.

Slapping is a way to death...

I think we should take Charlie at dawn from the east.

The following statement will be true.

I gotta take a swig of this delectable plutonium juice.


Kids hate orgies of just evidence...

My brain is melting out of my ears.

I've got a lovely little cottage in Apocrypha.

I don't feel like Neonbob.

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