Blatant Lies

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I don't remember who you are.

Also, Kanye is in perfect mental health

I'd vote Kanye.

That civil conversation about gender and race relations was terrible!

I don't think we'll see nuclear war in our time.

I haven't returned yet again!

dalek sec:
I haven't returned yet again!

Go away.

Go away.

I claim his lobes.


I claim his lobes.

Children in Africa could have eaten those lobes.

Children in Africa could have eaten those lobes.

I ate them too. They were moreish.

The store I work at didn't sell boxes of twinkies for 10 cents.

I am now severely unprepared for the post-apocalyptic currency system

See those kids? *points*

They want me to play.

This won't all end in tears, and it won't be worth it.

I am Potato Man, seeker of worlds.

I never left.

I was born in light...moulded by it.

I love my life.

I hate my wife.

Suicide is always an option

I can hear the seductive call of Cheddar.

Cheesus Christ is scheduled to arrive at 3:20 PM, December 21st

My dad works for capcom

My brother works for Steam so enjoy being banned losers haha.

I am made of jello.

Man's, that's the gayest thing I've ever seen.

This page is only in your head.

I have a legitimate reason to post here.

I hate snowstorms. The chaos brings me to a boiling rage.

I wish we had more serial killers in this neighbourhood.

The Roleplay forum isn't the saddest thing I've looked at on this site recently. I totally don't remember a time when it was a vibrant, active place.

Zynga is a good game developer

I am enjoying myself.

I don't remember the Escapist as a whole being a vibrant place.

I couldn't go for a chicken burger from the chippy right now.

I'm not tired.

I have the strongest aversion to fine whiskey...

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