Blatant Lies

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I love it when I finally get to use my ultimate and immediately get killed by some bitch. Equally awesome is when I get to use my ult l, but it doesn't do jack shit because reasons.

I don't have to PM a mod soon.

Oh, that lie was very blatant.

Oh, that lie was very blatant.

I own this thread, I am its King.

I miss royalty, what a good system.

I'm not gonna go to bed now.

I spent several minutes earlier shoving an arm-load of thistles into a trash-bag and not a single one stuck to me.

I'm not tired.

There must be some reason for the presence of a naked man with a jar of honey yelling at the subway staff.

There is: He's asking if they'll add the honey to the foot-long that he purchased...from the conductor.

The conductor's busy buttering up the diodes.

My heart is full...

I can't believe it's not Bologna.

There's a snake in my boot.

It's such a shame lions are going extinct, the world really needs incestuous child-murderers.

I love my job.

Jennifer Aniston lives on my street.

My head is full of dreams that are reality.

Nothing about Horizon Zero Dawn appeals to me what-so-ever.

That new Battlefront looked great.

I am made of butter.

I love Pokemon saying their names.

You know what's even better? Sailor Moon, Digimon, and the like using stock-footage transformations.

My pants are made of tornadoes.

I love incest.

After undertaking the pilgrimage you have to the fit square pegs in round holes.

I'd rather spend a year in the Raven's Cry universe.

Your clothes are red.

Dragons are lame.

Argonians are sooper ghey.

But Barbas, it makes so much sense that they'd have boobs!

I want to have and raise their slippy, slidey egg-babies.


Watching the protagonist murder dozens of children was so emotional.

Watching the protagonist murder dozens of children was so emotional.

Dense as it was, I felt that there could have been so much more going on in each frame.

Argonian females having mammaries makes perfect sense. Because of course reptiles have boobs.

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