Blatant Lies

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Man's, that's the gayest thing I've ever seen.

This page is only in your head.

I have a legitimate reason to post here.

I hate snowstorms. The chaos brings me to a boiling rage.

I wish we had more serial killers in this neighbourhood.

The Roleplay forum isn't the saddest thing I've looked at on this site recently. I totally don't remember a time when it was a vibrant, active place.

Zynga is a good game developer

I am enjoying myself.

I don't remember the Escapist as a whole being a vibrant place.

I couldn't go for a chicken burger from the chippy right now.

I'm not tired.

I have the strongest aversion to fine whiskey...

This seems like a bad time of the year to start a Stolichnaya habit.

I hope 2017 will be worse in every way

I didn't get a PS4 this Christmas.

My landlord didn't withhold critical mail from me over the holidays, leading me to be deregistered from university. No, they would never do that.

This seems like a bad time of the year to start a Stolichnaya habit.

I heard you died, but like for real.

I totally didn't get my shit wrecked in Skyrim thanks to a dragon.

I am the Lord of the Dance.

I went with all my fellow popular friends to multiple parties during and following new year's. I don't even remember how to play csgo anymore

I'm not trying to keep the thread going till it hits 1,000 pages.

That will never happen

Barbas has responded today. :/

I'd be pretty happy if he never came back

I want this thread to die before 1,000 pages.

This thread is totally going to get locked.

There are a lot of good movies about Bigfoot.

Bigfoot is a creature that captures intense interest and makes for a compelling narrative.

I hate Overwatch.

I'm so rich I could buy the 2020 election

I bloody hate playing as Solider 76 in Overwatch.

The best part of Overwatch is the single-player story.

Nothing quite turns me on like a tracer butt pose

I want this thread to die.

I visit the Escapist every day, and I'm happy to find out that The Ban Game was locked and shut down

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