The Improvement Game.

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The game goes like this:

One person will post something, and ask how the person below they would improve it.

An example would be like this:

Person 1:How would you improve toast?

Person 2: Butter it.
How would you improve fish?

Person 3: Rockets.
How would you improve cheese?

Got it?
OK then, let's start.

How would you improve pants?

Get rid of the rules.

How would you improve America's relationship with... pretty much everyone?

Make them stop being assholes...

How do you improve my self esteem?

Painful injections of pure self-esteem.

How would you improve the sun?

Make it bigger. No more Mercury.

How would you improve the weather?

Just me do some talkin' to the sun, tell him that I don't like the way he gets things done, sleeping on the job.

How would you improve shoes?

You add some socks.

How do you improve horror?

Installing tank-style treads.

Insert ninja ghosts.

How would you improve a wall?

Cover it in starfish.

How would you improve your computer?

Taking away porn and adding japanese crazy shit.

How do you improve PS3?

Give every model backwards compatibility.

How would you improve a pillow?

Stuffing it with children's tears.

How do you improve chickens?

With liberal application of axe and plucking.

How do you improve you?


How do you improve back scratchers?


How do you improve guns?

Add a second gun to it, duh. :D

How do you improve bacon?

You take its little brushes away to stop it from curling...

How do you improve peanut butter?

More peanuts in it.

How do you improve coke?

Glass bottles.

How do you improve A&W?

By throwing it out the window. D:

How do you improve Dakka?


How do you improve death?

By making it a business.

How do you improve explosions?

Allow Katy Perry's "Firework" to be playing in the background.

How do you improve your sex life?

Get a girlfriend.

How do you improve "Friday- Rebecca Black?"

You light her on fire.

How do you improve this crappy game?

Make it fun

How do you improve cars?

Include a self destruct mechanism in all of them.

How do you Improve a Pizza with seven delicious animals on it

Combine all the animals and make a Chimera-pizza.

How do you improve parent-teacher meetings?

Dispute every single negative point that the teacher makes about your child in the most angry and zealous way possible, whilst repeatedly refering to your child as "my little princess". Bonus points if your child happens to be a boy.

How do you improve Mewtwo?

Put him on fire!

How do you improve This thread. (If not perfect enough already)

If MovieBob, or Yahtzee, or any of the other stars decide to make a post here.

How do you improve Top Gear?

Make it on ALL THE TIME

how do you improve the French Horn?

Tune it three octaves lower and five times louder.

How do you improve Space Travel?

Add dragons.

How do you improve my addiction to this site?

Make it so you can actually get somewhere outside the solar system in less than a lifetime.

Edit: Damm, ninja'd, I mean you distill the Escapist so it can injected in drug form.

How do you improve Bin Laden?

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