Loot and Level up

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Death by Nutella

Level Up
Learnt Seductive wink
M already has four moves
Forget a move to learn seductive wink?
>Y N

Death by indesicivness.

I loot your pokeball. >:3

Level up: +23 Angst

*death by humour*

Life of Cthulu.

*Death by Cthulu*


Ability: Grammar nazi.

Death by thrown university text book

Level up:+5 Manliness
Loot your first love

*killed by traitor Nazi*

Ability gained: Here and nowhere.

Death by thrown university text book

Level up:+5 Manliness
Loot your first love

ERROR: Item does not exist T^T

*death by rage kids*

+20 lulz.

Death by first love.

I get ridiculous purple hair.

EDIT: Death by ninja repellent.

Gains an additional 2 feet to height.

Death by ninjafest.

Ability of speed gained.

Looted an eerie mask.

Level up: +5 Spookiness

*kicks in the shins*

Loot: +1 Needle of pokey pokey stingy thingy (DMG +10)

Death By Unnerving stare

Loot: motivation

Uses ability: Stern stare '>____>

It's super effective!


*smashs teacup with drill*

Looted emo haircut

+7 Suicide points

*puts out in sun*

Level Up!! +5 happy faces

death by pragmatism

Loot: roman numerals

death by duck

level up
new ability:
puppy dog eyes (paralyses foe)

+10 to fluffyness
+1 flight
+10000000 awesome scarf

*Death by 1000 suns*

Loot: All your badges are belong to us.

I kill you with fire.

I get the item Roast Duck.

+123 Huggableness.

I send a giant blue smurf after you! x3

I loot the item, "Rebbeca Black's autograph"

+3 Lazyness

*feeds you too many burgers till you can't move, then jumps on you*

Loot: A box of tissues...


...The fuck?!

Drowns you in pixels.

Lewt: Awesome hair. Awesome!

Beat to the with a coke bottle


Beat you with a pepsi bottle.


Murder on the Orient Express.

Gain another beard.

Poison your beer.

Gain beard.

Shave beard.

Gain Hat.

Death by Rube Goldberg-like contraption ending in dropping of a herd of cows

Level up!
Contraption building +5
time on hands +60
Social life -120

Obtained:1 sweet beard

Learnt: Ability to grow a sweet beard

*downs in syrup*

Loot: All your sweet breads and beard :3

*Hits with toaster*

Gains +10 squishyness.

*dropes a mellon on your head*

Loots: All your Gorillaz CD's :3

Punches Best of 3 in his teacup weakpoint!
Loots a fleshlight?(+5 charisma +1 illumination -1 self respect)
Sozac levels up to level 2.
Gains Basic fireball spell.

death by bonking
I loot a demon,s horn and +10 points into the "beating stuff up with a baseball bat" stat

I set you on fire. unfortunatly for you there are no medics around.

I loot one heads sey and a broken beseball bat.

I put 7 points into my "Can't touch this" skill.

*Death with a side of salad*

Item received: Jack Daniels

Level up:
Liver health -10%

Death by poison alcohol.

Level up:
+10 poison
+20 sneaky twat
-5 honor.

Loot: Pants of -10 panic.

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