Your avatar is making sexual advances on you! What now?

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I'm coming on to me, huh.. Um... Well... I think I'd derail the situation with a long accusatory debate about dopplegangers, and the implications of sex with one.

Um... no. As much love as I have for RBD, I draw the line at anything sexual. We can still be friends.


Shit Shit Shit!!!

Seriously I'm dead

I'd let her have her way.

I throw him all the way to the forum games section!
Harr harr harr, post in the right sections please.

Call me other two friends i think my avatar personifies and have a 6 way orgy.

and make sure to record it, so we can sell it to the yaoi loving fan girls for tons of cash.

Mine's a quote, but if Summer Glau wanted me? Um, I'd thank my lucky stars and jump her.

I... um... hmm. I'm not even sure how that would work. Regardless, I like to keep my naughty bits a good distance away from things which explode, so I guess that I'd have to kindly refuse and then run for the nearest blast shelter.

Looks like i'm set for the night ;) though i just gotta make sure Maka and Soul aren't around first


...Green Lighted! :P

Mwahaha >:3 Stuff... I would do stuff.

Woah, this would be wierd. Well, I'm not gay BUT...

Hmm... what would I say?
"Battlebrother... I'm sorry to report that to you, but I'm more into women.
Now, if you get any closer I'm forced to report you for indecent behavior.

Run, I am not interested in having sex with a pokemon

I may watch him with a human female though...... (I'm a very odd person about that)

After an extended period of time seriously regretting my choice of avatar. I would calmly go to a hardware store and acquire some bug bombs, use them to flush the scary prick, and his horse, out of my house.

Question, does changing my avatar after they have become centient, cause them to become a scary monster with composites of both pictures? No effect? Or a full clean cut transformation?

.....Only if I was their kind I'd actually let it happen...but unfortunatly I'm a human.
I would kindly let her down gently, and let her know that there are better people out there then me...



I'd cooperate. >:3

Would this be considered masturbation?

Open my wallet and get one out..

'cause you know, gotta be safe.

I would go with it. Because she really looks like this.

I may love dragons, but not in that way.

I would cry "Take me, young Steve Buscemi! Take me into your big strong arms and stare lovingly at me with your creepy eyes!"
And then we would walk slowly off into the sunset - Little Green Bag playing in the background.

I would run. Oh and cover my butt cause well I think I know what he is planning to do with those grenades.

Curly green numbers aren't exactly my type (pun intended...), so I'd have to pass.

"well would you care to see my bedroom?"

"gullible is written on the ceiling you know."

I don't have an avatar so I would probably check myself into a mental hospital if I start hearing an avatar who isn't there making sexual advances.

I'd be kinda creeped out. I mean, I love DJ Pie Safety, but that fly hat really doesn't do it for me. And I know he won't carve me up for it so, yeah I'd refuse.

i dont even want to... OH GOD NO GET AWAY


I'd fuck Kim Pine any day, any time.

O, fuck...

I'm going to say no...

why? because it could hurt like a bitch! (in addition to being freakishly impossible)

Would this be considered masturbation?

i'd call it incest

O.o "Looks like i gotta give you some different food, this current stuff isnt very good it seems"
Darn horny animals D:

"sorry, I think you've got the wrong idea about me"

I mean, apart from him piloting a god damn giang mech, he's a pretty normal guy.

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