What's your pornstar name?

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So. The idea here is to take your first pets name (For example mine was Guinness)
Followed by the first street you ever lived on (For example mine was Holmesdale road)
The order there in isn't important. Just do whatever sounds best!

This may not work with some american readers. What with the roads just having numbers or whatever. If your first street name is rubbish then try the first town or neighborhood you lived in or something.

Let's see it in action

The names Guinness Holmesdale ma'am. I've come to look at your pipes...

Post your pornstar name in the comment along with where you got it from...

EDIT: Feel free to cut down your road names respectively (e.g. only keeping the interesting part)
DOUBLE EDIT!: Yeah this doesnt always work but post it anyway. as I said it may not work for people outside the UK where we have creative road names!

Clyde N I-45.

Oh yeah, I'm a badass.

Interestingly, there is a street in the next town over that is the same name as my last name. If only I'd been born there.

Duncan Chandler Hill.

...Erm, alright then.

Mattias de L'Eglise, doesn't really work in my opinion.

Shadu Menlo
...not a very good porn name at all!

Lance Hill.

I'm the milk man. I always arrive at really inconvenient times...

EDIT: Had a Goldfish, named him Lance after the Dragon tamer in Poke'mon Red/Blue. My street is also Lairds Hill.

Grpus Maristuveien.

That's Grey-cat Mary's-cottage-road in English.

Has to be the shittiest porn-star name ever.

speedy saddleback......well it sounds porny, but not the good kind haha

Manchester Blue.
Or Blue Manchester?
Does it have to be current pet?
Blue is great and all, especially for the connotations that can be derived in a porn sense, but I think Bowser Manchester is a good way to easily build cred with the game fans.

Thor Durban.

Animal control. I hear you have a cougar problem?

Hung Lo

I'm Buster Baxter. (or Baxter Buster, I suppose.)(or Flint Buster/Buster Flint substituting the city for street)

I'm here to fix the cable.

Mr.Salterton ;) (Mine)

(My Dad's had to include it cos of how cheesy it is :p) ladies and Gentlemen I present "Oscar Dudley!"

Baxter Primrose.

I'm here to do landscaping.

Larry Shepard...

Just cut a sex scene from mass effect and there you go

Tiger Croft.
I've seen another way of doing this where the last name is your mother's maiden name. Using this formula I know both a "Lucky Hunt" and a "Pp Allcock"

Someone needs to point out this a phishing scam tactic.

Anyhoooo....Geit Partial County 3

hmmm doesn't work.

Rusty Jackson apparently? I think it might be the whole RJ thing, but it puts in mind a fat disgusting man who is somehow wildly successful in the business.

Findus Krner

Chocolate Country.
XD I kid you not.

Big Daddy Station Street. Hmm I have the quite the name ha

I heard it as first name = first pets name, last name = mother's maiden name.

So for me it would be Fred McCormick.

Using street name, Fred Frankford

Fire seed?

Ricky Falcon
hellz yeah

I have a lizard that I named Secret Agent due to being around 7 at the time. I lived on Buckingham Rd. That gives me Secret Agent Buckingham... I guess I would do James Bond porn parodies, which presumably would be scenes cut straight from James Bond scripts, but where you see the naughty bits.

Someone needs to point out this a phishing scam tactic.

And a brilliant one at that! (Doesn't bother me as the names I use for secure things are not real names at all)

OT: Mimi Goldsmith (And I'm A guy D=)

Bam Bam Spirit.

That's lame, I'm not impressed with this system you've come up with here.

First cat was black and white and called Jess. Why yes, it was named after a certain postman's cat.

First street I lived on... dunno, first I can remember living on though is N Deskford Street.


Jess Deskford.

Sounds kinda good, actually.

Blue Clover, at your service. Hm. I sound like a shy transvestite stripper.

Sexy =3


Anyhoooo....Geit Partial County 3

hmmm doesn't work.

Doesn't work? Are you kidding? Thats the origanality the porn industry needs.


I wonder if that's a niche market.

Edit: Dammit, didn't read the OP. I think I'll be sticking with this one anyway, though.

Testicles (pronounced like Hercules)

Smokey Briarwood.

Works for me.

Someone needs to point out this a phishing scam tactic.

Also I'll need your social security number
sort code
Ahh. what the hell just send me your credit card and all the details

Smokey Frenchfield. Hmm, would probably work better if I was a woman, shame this doesn't involve my real last name as that already has the word cock in it.

.50 Cal. You get the idea.

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