What's your pornstar name?

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Brandy Sportplatz. Sportplatz is german for "soccer field". Not particulary sexy...

Either Count Cockula, or my personal favorite Trevor Trousersnake.

Midnight Gentry

Kinda sexy...?

Jasper Coldingham

Princey Sapphire.

Sounds both sexy and extremely gay at the same time... damn the Sapphire part!

Maple Willow

Wow, that sucks. I sound like a Canadian hippy

I think my current name speaks for itself.

My name is Bear.... Bear Buckhorn.

"Ive come to defrag your hard drive.
You dont own a computer? ;D who said i was talking about one?"

Honestly, ive always wanted to be a pornstar. Ive never had the body for it though.

Not that im fat, i just dont look good when nude.

Barney Carlton.

That works eerily well...

Jasper Burnett

or perhaps Jasper Wellington

Either works pretty well.

Now, who ordered a Pizza with extra sausage?

Amber Chestnut

That's actually pretty good, unfortunately im male :S

Lucy Booyong

i guess it must be transgender pron...

Botham Ash

speedy saddleback......well it sounds porny, but not the good kind haha

Thats awesome name. Shows you are so good all it takes is a few minutes to give the pleasure. Hee hee. Although, yeah, it could mean something negative as well.

Cheetara Harts

Not bad i guess. Named my hamster Cheetara from the Thundercats. Awesome. hee hee.

Buddha Lincoln.

Works for me.

I am... Bruno Pendoring.
The Bruno bit works, just cleaning the pool is all...

Rudy Thackary

Bender. The Bending Bender.. I bend butts!

The embarrasing part is.. That is actually my last name.

Brandy Sportplatz. Sportplatz is german for "soccer field". Not particulary sexy...

isen't it more like sports square? Or a place for sports? A football field would be

"Fussball platz?" ? :)

I never had any pets.

Thomas Vestergårdsvej, i am here for ze sex, yes?

(Vestergårdsvej is roughly translated into: WestFarmRoad.)

Percy Humber.
Less pornstar, more gentleman murderer.

Jasper Pit (or Jasper Michaelston but I think Pit sounds a little more... pointed =P)

Meaty Shillelagh

Mouse Sutton

...probably the least sexy name I've ever heard.

Venus Beehive.

Venus would be great for a female pornstar, but my first address is letting me down.

Tahi Ruha. A good Maori name. To bad im as white as a Scottish Winter.

Also, it means 1 and 2 respectively. My porn name is 1-2.

Boss Beecroft,
i run this show

Cheeky Beg-Rath

Hmmmmmm, not sure if it work or not.

Blackie Cannon. Damn straight.

Rocky terrace :S, I think I'll have to be a Landscaper then

I just decided that since I never had a pet and the steetname doesn't work that well, my name will be Rayford Steele.

Jack Package.

Jessie Terrace.


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