In the film of your life, who will play you?

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Fairly self-explanatory, if someone made a film of your life, who would play the part of you?

Samuel L. Jackson.
Unfortunately, he is only badass enough to get in a good 1% of my awesomeness, but it will have to suffice.

Alec Baldwin...maybe.

Ideally myself, but failing that, most likely it'd be Michael Cera - mainly after his role in Scott Pilgrim :P

Michael Cer--HAHAHA No.

Ummm. Probably like, Matt Damon or somebody.

Umm me? Cant think of anyone better qualified.
I dunno, probably Nathan Fillion. Ohh yeah!

Tom Cruise... yep, it'd have to be Cruise. Nobody else has the awesomeness.

Yahtzee, probably, as we both bitch about the most insignificant things.
that and people have a tendency to mistake me as a Brit...somehow.

I don't care who plays me, so long as they get Morgan Freeman to do my internal monologue.

There's a lot of it.

Either Reece Shearsmith or Steve Pemberton. Gotta love the League of Gentlemen.

Oh, wait, I can't believe I forgot, the perfect person to play me; Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. The guy is a genius.

Come to think of it can we scrap the movie of my life and just turn Mogworld into a movie instead?

Ashton Kutcher.


Uhm. I'm not sure. I can't think of anyone in particular right now. :(

Strangely I think I look a lot like Adrian Brody, I guess I'd pick him.
also another excuse to play this video.

Louis Henderson.

Kidding, but seriously?

Stephen Colbert, ideally.
Not that I really look much like him, but he's adequately cynical.

I'd like Hugh Laurie to play me...either that or Tim Roth, or failing with either of those two, David Tennant

I would have to go with Hugh Laurie due to his outstandingly sarcastic portrayal of life.

(edit)...Damn Ninja

John Cusack or Dylan Moran

Nathan Fillion. I would answer this no matter what I looked like. </thread>

Jim Carrey.

Jonah Hill

If Crispin Freeman is capable of doing live action acting, then he would be perfect as he looks precisely like an older version of me and is easily capable of mimicking my sexy British accent.

Also Philip Seymour Hoffman, if he lost a few pounds.

Either Shaquille O'Neal or Danny Trejo. I have confidence in both of them that they could pull off a role as me.


No not Bruce Wayne.

Just Batman.

No I do not know why.

Anyway getting that out of the way. Good question.

Either Johnny Depp for no reason.
Michael Keaton.

I will play me, duh.

probably the guy who played pedro in Napolean Dynamite

Chace Crawford?

IDK, maybe I'd get some action after having him play me in a movie.

Harrison Ford, right around his Han Solo days

He's married to Angelina Jolie...nuff said. Then again he has like 7 kids...meh, I was thinking about adopting anyway.

Then again...

Very few actors have a sufficiently awesome beard to play me, thankfully Brian Blessed rises to the occasion.

He's admittedly more boisterous than I am but that would help make my life interesting enough for others to watch. :)

Adam Baldwin.

I have a fan-made replica of his awesome hat from Firefly, so he should feel right at home.

Eh. I don't know. Probably someone relatively obscure.

Failing that, Johnny Depp, and Kate Hudson... (yes, both of them)

Yeah, if you can figure out how that works, eh good luck to you. XD.

Nick Frost. I've been told we look similar (I don't see it) but since this movie would most certainly be a comedy I think he would be perfect to play me.

Noel Clarke (Known for playing Mickey Smith in Doctor Who.)

Patrik Stewart for sure.

Well, I'd say Chris Farley if he was still alive, but going off of the living actors, I'mma go with Jack Black.

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