You've just woken up naked next to the lead singer of the last band you listened to

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Murdoc Niccals? Eww... He gave me nightmares when i was a kid...

Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day


... Ice Cube?

This surely means I should listen to more Katy Perry.

nina hagen score

John Lennon. Ummmmm.. This may be awkward.

Yoko'll be pissed.

So close to it being Asleigh Ball though...

Sammy James Jr. of The Mooney Suzuki

and i'm strangely okay with this.

Hayley WIlliams. I'm okay with that. It'd be odd, but I'm ok with that too :D.


WOOHOO! I just won the -censor snip- lottery!

agreed. Oh, I'm so glad I listened to Paramore last night.

I'm guessing the general answer is, "I bloody well wish I'd gone to the Cardigans instead!"

Thom Yorke.
I'm guessing a song will be written about me and he'll say it was about "Grass"

Well let's see, that would be....Hatsune Miku


If only....

Rachel Minton. All right then, I could handle that.

Andy Samberg's thinkin' about fuckin' a dude! No homo!

"Hello Thom"


WOOHOO! I just won the fuckin' lottery!

Lucky son of a bitch.

Well looks like me and Frank Sinatra just had sex...Damn...that's weird.

Mike Hranica from The Devil Wears Prada...

first things first, I hope we were just playing scrabble all night...

Dammit. Dave Matthews. On the plus side, he'd probably have some weed on him.

Stevie Nicks? I can work with that.

The last band I listened to doesn't have vocals at all. What now?

Well, I do like me some Mike Patton...


Zack Wylde... Not sure if I woo'd him or he woo'd me, either way we both made a horrible mistake.

The last song I heard was Katy Perry so.. yeah (that was just on the radio though), for something I listened to of my own accord then I get Hayley Williams however had I read this mere minutes earlier it would have been Chris Bowes of Alestorm which would be both awesome and awkward.

Gigi und die Braunen Stadtmusikanten.

Oh jesus im in trouble. I dont even know what the guys look like but I dont want to know. They are some extreme right wing band that sing extremely racist things in a voice that put you in mind of jack daniels and cheap smokes, something like Motorhead.

By the way, a friend linked me to it about 5 minutes ago and while I think the music is pretty good the lyrical themes are pretty disgusting. Still, I suppose im lucky, the last thing I listened to before that was Aphex Twin....

For me that would be hayley williams. Fucking score xD
Man that would be so awesome. Once again, i hate you reality

Hey! Me too! Paramore FTW!

Captcha (now called solve media?):accidentally on purpose

Yep, that describes this pretty well.

Daft Punk. That's interesting...

Dave Grohl...I'm okay with this :)

Jessica Thierjung from Lyriel.
Thank goodness for female-fronted metal

Morten Harket! What are you doing in my bed... Did you "take on me"?!?

The last band I listened to was Paramore... OH HELL YEAH!!!! :D

Isaac from modest mouse......hmmmm :p


I have got to stop listening to "Weird Al" Yankovich before I go to bed...

*opens playlist* please be paramore please be paramore

Sharon den Adel. I'm cool with that. Can't say my wife would feel the same though.

The last cd I listened to was Owl City's.... nuts...

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