you are living in the last game you played?Are you gonna be ok??

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Well, I'm in Just Cause 2 world. So, if I'm a civilian, and the guy controlling Rico plays like me, i'll likely get my car stolen, and then shot in the head by a guard with poor AI.

Then again, if I'm Rico, then I can take around 30 rounds to the head, pull parachutes out of my arse, and earn money just by blowing stuff up, so that sound like fun.

As long as I am with the pointman and his

I will be A-Okay. Though some Power Armor would be nice.

Starcraft 2......... great......

Either I am going to be commanded by an invisible mind in the sky to do a suicideattack against the enemy frontlines, and be eaten by zerglings,

be commanded to move over to the enemy base to scout out what they are up to, and be eaten by zerglings,

be forgotten altogether in the conner of the map, and eventually be found and eaten by zerglings,

maybe just this is going to happen:

Just f-ing great...

i wanna be the guy. thats really too bad

Oh shit! The last game I played was a barely functional techdemo! I could try drowning myself but everything in water gets sucked to the right!

Viva Pinata! I'm gonna live a happy, colorful life.

I just played Amnesia.

So no. No I'm not ok.

Not ok at all.

I laughed so hard and then I nostalgia'd because you have Another World as your avatar.
My inner child thanks you.

Ot: I'm playing wow so I guess I'll be fine.

Minecraft, surrounded by creepers just as I quit.
On hard.

I played Frozen Synapse. So I guess I'd be fine, most civilians in Markov's Geist are probably safe as long as they don't get between the fronts. And I sure hope I wouldn't be a vatform.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Considering the fact that I have no military training, I'm screwed.

TF2... maybe I can just hide and hope no stray rockets come my way...

I would be in the world of X-Com Terror From the Deep. Words can't describe how screwed I am.

i didn't survive very well even when I was just PLAYING in the last game I played =P Though having a better framerate might help XD

So... Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow...
I don't think I'm secretly Dracula so, yeah! I'm screwed!
No controle over souls and no built-in RPG elements...

This kind of made me laugh becuase I was playing The Sims 3 so unless someone deletes the doors or fills the room with fireplaces I think I'll be just fine. Although I might have to learn thier language xD

hmmm. LA Noir. 50's california? I think I'll be all right. Morphine and Cadillacs for everyone!

Crap... The last game I played was Touhou. Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, to be exact. Considering humans are at the bottom of the food chain in Gensokyo, I think I'm screwed... Although if I don't get utterly murdered by the Youkai, I'd probably love to live there.

UFC Undisputed, I did get 2 rounds into the Dutch MMA championship (once). So I guess, I'd get my ass kicked again :)



Since I played LittleBigPlanet the last time I played a game, I guess I'll be allright =D

Just...need to stay out of the lethalised bits!


Oh god I just stopped playing F.E.A.R 3 before, I'm screwed beyond belief!! D:

I just attempted to play Team Fortress 2 (My computer screen was fucking up, I barely got into training) So...Do I get to watch the fights or do I need to be a civilian? Cause if neither of those two options, I'm royally screwed

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Well, I'll live fine until the fucking world crashes, which is in about 10 seconds ago.

Oblivion. I'll probably be okay if I can take my genre savvy with me (VERY okay if I can abuse bugs) and if not... well eh, it's not the worst place to be, especially if prequel is any indication.

I just played duke nukem so I'd be fine but very disappointed

Pokemon Tower Defense... ya I'll survive, Damn good thing Skyrim isn't out yet.

Crysis 2

Well, that depends. Do I have the nanosuit? If so, yes, if not, then I'm fucked by the alien plague.


I just played Amnesia.

So no. No I'm not ok.

Not ok at all.

I laughed so hard and then I nostalgia'd because you have Another World as your avatar.
My inner child thanks you.

Ot: I'm playing wow so I guess I'll be fine.

Heck yess, SO glad someone else got to experience the greatness that was Another World as a child! I'd much rather be stuck in that game than Amnesia.

Serious Sam ... f*ck my life xD

Hell Yeah I'll be okay! The last game I played was Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm - so I get to be a kick-ass raider with a huge sword and go explore other worlds - sounds like a fun life to me!

Minecraft, I'm fine.

Otherwise Infamous; I'm fucked if I'm not a conduit.

Fable 3. I'll just get knocked out. It'll be fine, just a flesh wound!


That game still exists?! you'll probably have the most unique answer on this board! xD

Dungeon Fighter Online for me.... With just how bizarre and messed up that world is... I might just go insane!

Just played Daggerfall... I'll just hole up in my house in any major city and hope the PC isn't a genocidal maniac.

If he's not, then I'll be fine as long as I don't travel.

Bioshock. Well if I have winter blast and a wrench I'll be fine.

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