you are living in the last game you played?Are you gonna be ok??

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F.E.A.R 2. Well fuck me sideways...

Little Big Planet 2...yeah,I'm pretty sure I'll be ok seeing as I already beat the story levels.

Demon's Souls... AAAAAARGH! Life was good while it lasted...

Minecraft... why is it dark all of the sudden?



That game still exists?! you'll probably have the most unique answer on this board! xD

Dungeon Fighter Online for me.... With just how bizarre and messed up that world is... I might just go insane!

Its dying on Dec 15 this year :(
its been posted already


Feudal Japan. Pretty cool, I guess. Just get myself a katana, big myself up then walk around like I own the damn place and people will think I'm an honourable samurai or some crazy shit like that.

Well, It doesn't quite work that way... If a real Samurai caught you, you'd be DEAD

Yeah okay but SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, they might hear us.

Magicka. It should be fun as long as I stay the hell away from my friends and remember not to drop a boulder on my own head.

Monster Hunter Tri. Fuck. Does anybody have a giant sword I could borrow? And could that someone teach me how to wield it?



Pokemon, Fuck yeah!

"I'm gonna be the very best,
that no one ever was."

Then comes a wild Charizard and bites your head off. A real world with Pokemon would be bad...

Don't be such a downer and ruin my fun. Besides, It's not a real world with Pokemon in it, I'm in the game world, that means being able to fight back with other Pokemon, Pokeballs for capturing, Repel for avoiding fights, PokeDolls for escaping, and, if worse comes to worse, straight up running.

Although you do have a point, and I could end up very dead.

Your right, but you still have to watch out for Team Rocket!

Team Fortress 2. I'll be okay as long as I had a Medibeam on me. But I would rather not deal with the Medic. Dude is way sketchy.

Sid meiers pirates via xbox games on demand.

I'm not that screwed. Everyone else, however...TO THE DEPTHS WITH YE!

Probably not, I think GLaDOS wants to talk to me.

The Capital wasteland, i'm FUCKED.

Infamous 2, so yeah id be pretty fucked, a lot of things going on that could kill me, all the time, everywhere.

Looks I'm in Renaissance Italy. Wherz my Interwebz!!!!

Skate 3 :) Guess I'll go out and have a skate (hopefully the no consequences for crashing applies to me?)

New Vegas, that's pretty cool really. Robot Dogs, BoS, NCR, Ghouls, Cazadors.......Crap. At least I will have Bonne and Cass to defend me while I wait for my Cowboy Repeater to work.

Eve online... yea, it's going to be interresting atleast :o

Razorin Faust:

Joe Deadman:
Spiral Knights?!??!

Aren't the main people from that all robots?!? 0_o
The only human being in a world of robots... well I guess I would be quite screwed but at least everything looks pretty :D

I guess I would be ok if I just hung around in town but where the hell would I get food from? Something tells me robots don't keep a lot of human cuiscene on hand.

Well, beg for some Jelly Core at the AH. Or man up and try to get along a jelly king rush, I heard those Token are delicious.

Eating jelly slimes and tokens for the rest of my life? I think i'd rather try and eat those flying thingies in town (although I don't think the Strangers would take kindly to that).

Not to mention it's alright for the robots to go galavanting into the clockworks, they just have to get a little jolt of energy and their back on their feet if I die I don't think that's going to help

The Elder Scrolls 3. Yeah, i'm fine just join the local mages guild free place to live and free food. Also would let me learn about magic.

I'm stuck with the BLU team in Team Fortress 2... eh, at least I can respawn, I'll get plenty of chances to become a worthwhile Pyro.

Of course, I could just be Joe Q. Average living in a very stylised and wacky 60s, either way, I'll be fine I think.

World of Warcraft or Global Agenda. I can dig it!

Halo 2 with friends,joy.I better figure out how to control that banshee in Real life.Otherwise,I am going to be bagged.

Well the last game I played was Rock Band so...I'm on Earth.

Oh man...I am SO fucked!!

EVE Online.

I'm not in a terrible position. Probably just live life in the high sec areas and be good.

XCOM Apocalypse... title says it all.

Just played The battle for middle earth 2: Rise of the witch king.

I think I'm probably dead if I'm one of the troops. (especially the way I play :P)

Nope.avi The Northern Kingdoms are in the shit at the moment, what with the witchers, monsters, assassins etc. (Witcher 2, for those of you who are really confused.)

Portal 2, i think i have a decent chance. Well, as long as i get those long-fall boots anyway.

warhammer 40,000 dawn of war
oh dear ._.
uh... praise the emperor?

Living in Oblivion's world? Sign me up!

I just need to keep practicing all my skills and take the occasional nap to make myself stronger!

Dragon Age 2 and I'm in the field with the High Dragon, Whelp I'm dead.

so, I'm stuck in Condemned's world? looks like i'm a goner

In Portal? Probably. Once I get past the actual test and all that, I'll just have some cake an tea with GLaDOS. If I can be charming and awesome we can be BFFs or something.

Or I'll just beat the game and then play onwards until she's a potato and we can be BFFs again only she'll fit in my pocket. But at that point I would have killed her and then made her a potato and she'd be very mad at me :(

Living in the Mass Effect universe? Dream come true.

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