Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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friend~~ \(^-^)/

Fwiend! :3

*Gets the fireworks ready*


I hate anime! We will duel.

Bring it on! T^T


Friend! :D

I'm still waiting for this avatar change I hear so much about. ^-^



Friend! even though it creeps me out a little....

Grape, it's taking forever at the avatar store, but I assure you, you will like it! :3


*gets excited* >:D

I don't trust no derp eyes, last time I did that I got a pot, a piano, and a wagon dropped on my dead.

Friend I welcome new members! ^-^

Oh you~~


Fweindz till the end! ^-^


It is noodle so.. Autographs? Hugz? Friends forever?


now share your box! XD

Friend! Firo is badass and stylish!

Friends. Sure, why not? His appearance don't really reveal anything about him. But don't think I aint watching you carefully! >:(

pyramid head grape:

now share your box! XD

But et only haz space for one.. =(

Friends *places your box(with you in it) on top of my tophat* xD

Friend, because that hat is awesome.

Friend, I might not be a brony, but I don't have any real hatred for ponys.

Friend, who could hate that swank hat?

Friends, who can resist that friendly smile?

Foe.. I get the feeling he.. Will steal my box. Look at those eyes!


I shall defend the box with my life! :3


But et only haz space for one.. =(

D'= awwk well it suit you better~~ >:3

Foe's because we're both too nice.

Friend, because she is awesome!


Yar, it's pretty cute. Friend :D

Friend, he's not a bad robot.

Friend. We can haz sleepover, yes? Just me, you, and the giant head in your closet..

Friend, cause she's in a box like Snake sometimes is.

Cool, rocketships!

Fwiend :D

Friendly robot

Your hat is too cool to not want to be your friend.

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