Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Once again, friend. Because Noodle is awesome.

Friend, because I don't have enmity towards the ponies.

Yo Noodles. Wanna play some Guitar?


Friend, he has a sweet hat.

She'll attack me..Just look at that angry face, and that combat ready stance. =(


Watchman badge, rogue, cute...
I'll go Friend

A fellow mage, a friend that is!

A friend!

keeps me in line! XD


One to share hat-related interests with.

Friend, why not?


Do you even need to ask? Friends! I can haz change, yes?

Friends! *gives change* >:3

You! You keep squishing me, so friend~!

Oh sorry~~~ XD

I'm your my buddy, friend!

Foe, never try to outdo my hat.

Friend, hats are in this time of year it would seem. ^-^

Anyone with a fondness for hats so swank will earn my friendship


likes Megadeth that's all I need to know XD

Friend! :D

Hello old buddy, old pal, old friend of mine!


Friends of course! But then I want to be able to go pony riding with her. O.o

Friend, now let's go find a refrigerator box.

Foe. She implies that I am fat. >:(

Friend. The avatar is too cute for her to be a foe. ><

Foe. Not a fan of ponies.


Foe! He implies Roofstone is fat.


He implies Roofstone is fat.


D: I did no such thing.

Liez! T^T

Friend! He takes blame for me.


I see, I can do that!

Friends. He has a skype.

A red-/one-eyed japanese schoolgirl in black and red holding a katana.
It could go either way right now

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