Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Friend ~~~

I'd say more but I got to run. :P

.....undecided, but I will reach out the olive branch.


Until further notice. ^-^

Foes! To toy with your emotions.

Friends to counter your toying ^-^

Fwiend! :D

Lazy but friendly! ^-^

Foe! Just because!

Friend for the same reason! :P

Foe, because I like these little exchanges.

Friend, For seeing the funny side ^-^

Foe for no raisin.


If it's one thing I hate, it's rockstars.

Foe. I don't like getting bombed.

I honestly don't know. (Damn my curiosity and that button looking so alluring)
But being the spy i think pretend to be friend then reveal that we are foes.

Foe Spies must be terminated.

pyramid head grape:

Until further notice. ^-^


@lionday Friend

Foe, groups of people make me nervous.

Friends!!! >:3

Foes! >_>


Crowning Music of Awesome, need I say more?

Friend of a friend!

Mortal enemy.

My hero. ^-^

Foe perhaps. I want the hat!

(You can be my friend if you wish, but you must offer some blood. :P)

Friends!!! whoever you are XD

Probably friends, as long as he doesn't set her off.

Oh, hello Youmu.

...y'alright, I'll be friends with ya.


He is too awesome.

Friends ... ran out of snappy lines to say D:



I don't know. Too much pony.

Foe. Vampire dislike ponies.

So long's as yer not's affiliated with them Twilighters...friend!


Zero = Badass


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