Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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best of both worlds XD



Foe, what's in the background????

Foe, what's in the background????

A human head! not joking XD

friendly friend !

Friend. Speakest thyself both eloquently and behatted.

Friend. I've seen you a couple times before....

Friend, of course.


Looks like a nice guy.

I dunno...anyone with a hat that awesome isn't someone I'd want to mess around with, so I might as well try and be friends.

Well, she's not one of my enemies, so friend I guess.

Friend I guess.

Well, rather friend than enemy.

That dude looks pretty awesome with that hat, so friend.

You remind me of someone, so friends is the only way to go.


Where's Russell? I want to shake his hand because he is awesome.


He's off...doing giant things.

Don't see why she'd be a foe.

Friend obviously...

Friend, of course.

Yes, friend... but you're my sister if the police ask for your age...<.<

Friend, but she (my avy) never struck me as being loli.

I don't know about this one...I wouldn't hang around those eyes very long. I've spent enough time around enough youkai to know which eye colours generally mean trouble. And the sword isn't helping your case.

Friend... oh well... I'm not wearing my glasses right now... and I just assumed, since it seemed to be a running theme in you're avatars...<.<

Until I see clearly, ambivalent.

Foe. People with their fists raised are just asking for it.

Friend, liking the avvy! ^-^


Friend to Mr. Dapper Worshiper of the Glorious [my real name expunged].

... Its from the forum game "What should the user above you title be?"... I renamed him "Mr. Dapper Worshiper of the Glorious [my real name expunged]." Just now, in a separate tab.

... Anyhow, friend because of the hat.

Friend... cause why because I can! XD


He likes my avatar and hasn't stolen my wallet yet. Things I look for in a not-enemy.

Friend of a friend.

Friend, all the way



The hat speaks for its self! ^-^

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