Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Dat hat.

PONY!!11!! D:<
*Grabs knife*

Some sort of Gentleman, The cheshire cat would be able to give a decent conversation, so I think friend, If not, I would just hit and run with my mad disappearing skills :3

Well the Cheshire cat would certainly be intellectually stimulating in conversation, however his constant disappearing acts and the fact that he can transform into others would piss me off, so foe.

Not even the Devil can beat Rugal.

Mmmm. Come into my labyrinth. I want to play a game...

He looks playful AND delicious. Definitely a friend!

Foe. Most definitely.


foe. your avatars face is just so punchable!

Friend? Looks harmless enough.

Is 'More than friends' an option?

You look like the happy sort. Maybe we could be friends.

Friend! Now to experiment on you!

Play nice *pleads*

>:3 It can be fun!


*Squints* Well it's too small to be any real threat to me :P

He's wounding himself!

... Yeah I'm safe. :3

Daww he doesn't look that dangerous :3

I will give him some eye protection so friend.

I'd give his a disco ball, so, friend. :D

He's got something strange on his head... so target practise!

He's Death! Old buddy old pal. :D

Old friend of mine :D

Foe! He looks like he's hiding something, I don't trust him!

Hello, friend.

The lack of symmetry disturbs me...

If I'm looking at that right, it'd probably be 'Foe'.

But then again, it's Marisa Kirisame. She'd probably pick a fight with Chuck Norris if it meant showing how much better she is than him. As for Alice, I'd say that she's just dragged along into Marisa's shenanigans (like usual).

Friend. Alice is awesome.

Hm...I'm thinking friend, but something tells me I'm horribly wrong...

Friend for I would not want to be the enemy of a sword wielding skeleton.

Friend, but then again, that waggling tail does seem suspicious..

Maybe foe. He seems like a smug little bastard.

He hasn't done anything to make me hate him...


Friend if I don't get stabbed.

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