Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Friend! Because they are not stalking me at all!

Friend, because the voices in my head say we are!

I love tacos and I love batman so of course we'd be friends until I eat his head, cats can't resist the smell of meat

Friends...I like how you walk friend.

Friend I guess, i can't really think of a reason why they would be a foe.


More than my friend - you are the numerous photos in my pantry.


We're going raiding later! :D

Just don't shoot me in the back please...

Friend, let us fight the Anti-Taco forces together.

Friend, he's my PR officer.


I bet he wants to eat me.

Friend.Tacos have seen me through some tough times

Foe because I cannay see it clearly.
*squints eyes*
You look like my archnemesis.

Depends on whether or not they start shooting first.

I guess friend, as long she acknowledges that I'm not a bloody dragon.

Friend, I am the dragon whisperer!

Friend, I am the Walrus.

Foe, I dislike westerns.

Foe, westerns are excellent!

Friend, Looks badass enough to be a villain.

Foe, they're diablo for crap's sake

He's an eye, he's watching me, he's watching over me? Friend?

I can feel Chris Hanson waiting to pounce... Foe...<.<

Foe... Eyes watching me from a Security Camera: the Most friendliest thing going (!)


<--- secretly a necrophiliac.

I kid, mostly.

Wait it can't be a secret if you just told us.
Foe I don't like liars.

Friend -

You revealed a secret :D

Friend, he shoots people.

Foe, he's a servant of the Red God R'hllor


Friend. I like snow :3

You disrespected my family.

You honor your family.

Friend, me gusta mucho fuego.

Foe, his eyes are red! EVIL!!!

Well they are already fighting, I'd say that's pretty antagonistic, I'm sure if I get close I'll get hurt, so foe.

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