Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Friend. His eye's are closed, easy pickings. He'd make an excellent squire once he's a zombie.

Freind! He's A knight & therefore I would go out of my way to secure the friendship of!

Well I'll say friend, he's not going to argue because he's dead.



Because I've never known a cat to want to eat tacos

Friend, I love tacos... :)

Friend, I am safe! With a dragon around!

A flying cat who talks... Friend!


He's dead, so I'm safe from any potential harm!

Foe... taco-heads are not to be trusted.


Because she doesn't trust me, apparently

What's not to trust about a man with a taco on his head?

Friend, because I trust you.
Tacos have never betrayed my trust.

Friend Dragons are awesome!

Foe. I don't like Clowns.

Foe because you don't trust me.
But maybe there's hope for the future.

Friend, because dragons like to burn down places I don't care for! :D

Friend, because Taco will protect me!

Friend, imagine the sitcom of Tizzy and Karc, one are 2 foot cat, the other a 35 foot demon! what crazy things will they get up to this week!?

Friend, that sitcom would be golden!

FRIEND *hug*

Foe, I don't trust monocle-wearing people

Call it paranoia if you must...

Friend because because Guillermo Rizer cannot be my enemy.

Foe... His innocent appearance belies his true nature... A nature even the Steeliest of individuals would fear to come across in a dark alley.

Foe! Begone Pint Sized Slasher!


Anyone would want Happy as a friend :D


I need a maid >_>

Foe. You have dumb hair.

Still my foe,
but my reserve is weakening.

Foe... I used love Dragons, but then I took an untimely-quicksave-Skyrim-Elder-Dragon-on-master-difficulty to the knee

Friend, he killed my competition.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Friend! As always *sets fire to stuff to show friendship*

Friend, he gave me a heart.

Friend, she eats me to fuel her fires

I'm glad I'm helpful!

Friend, I enlightened them about taco fries!

He's my partner is the show business. FRIEND!

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