Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Friend, we have a sitcom to make!

Friend because he encourages the spinning button, which is less harmful than the red button.

Friend, I mean, we've known each other extremely well for a couple of minutes already.

A very long couple of minutes.

Everything around you keeps setting on fire so foe >.>

Friend, the friend request made it obvious!

He's a blue cat, so friend obviously.

Pink Hair!? Sign me up as a friend!

D'aw. Such a cute face. Friend.

Puppy Deadpool!

Friend... Literally!

Foe, what have you done to Taco!?


Taco is taking a vacation, he'll be back soon enough...


I don't believe you...

Friend, I side with chibi Deadpool!


Cats are always nice friends to have

Friend, he can retrieve all that stuff I lost on my roof.

Friend, cause I don't even know...

Friend because he licked me.

Friend cause she gave me cake.

Foe, because licking feels weird e_e

Foe He wouldn't like how little I celebrate Halloween.

Foe, for celebrating Halloween with anything less than a town-wide musical number. Also, he smells funny.

Friend, we both stole Christmas.

Foe! He doesn't have the spinning button in his badge list!

*attacks with a shillelagh*

Are we friends now?

Friend, cause Zim is awesome.


Zim is trying to enslave my race, so that should be obvious.

Come oooooooon...look at my avatar. That's the smile of a guy you can trust. Maybe.

My friend.
My dear friend.


Friend...because I don't want them hurting me...

Friend, because his face is adorable.

Acquaintance, I like Deadpool, but don't like being licked.

Foe. I don't have a reason I just plain don't like it.

I believe it's a symbol, so Friend

Symbols are the masses in unity

Taco Campbell & me are too close.
Friend, yo!

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