Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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F-Friend! How can you not trust that creepy heartwarming smile!?

Friend! Look how Happy he is!

Friend, because witches are always friendly!

You're a friend for sure, all kitties are!

Foe because I don't like unicorns.

Foe, being friends with young boys does nothing for my social standing.

Foe, I swear down I am seeing you everywhere these days.


I don't know... I'll flip a coin.


Friend, something with that level of teeth and limbs is truly great friend material.

Foe. Yes, I'm a backstabber.

Foe. Pride was a jerk.

Friend. Matrim Cauthon (my avatar's name, not mine) isn't exactly fond of fighting women.

Friend. That weapon you got there looks badass.

Friend. I'm sure you're a decent enough fellow.

I'd want to stay in her good books, but I'm not sure she has any to begin with.

So, neutral, because I'm too dead to have friends or foes any more.

Friend because she's a cool gal.

Foe because that smile must be hiding something.

Friend, because Fluttershy is everything's friend.

Friend. Because yes.

Friend. Because spinning people are cool, or something.

It is well known that doctors and little girls are natural enemies.

Friend because I happen to have, at home, a beanie with headphones, a Mario cap and a rainbow sombrero, and I could easily put all of them on at once to make instant friends with this guy.

Foe, because she looks like she's going to hit me.

Friend, because Dr. Horribshy is going to rule the world someday.

Foe, because Dr. Horribshy's plan are in direct opposition to mine.

Friend! Dat colouration is badass!

Friend! Hopefully. I'd be slightly worried about him eating me otherwise.

Friend most definitely.

Of course is friend! Why would hulking suit of armour hate me?

Just as long as he doesn't try to perform surgeries on me, friend.

A most troublesome foe.

A colourful foe.

Friend, but experience has thought me to be vary of little girls as of late... o.o

Friend of course. Al is great fun!

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