Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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it just looks evil...
so fashionable...

EDIT: there is none above me, for i am the top.


So many snacks, making me feel pressured since I am trying to cut back on the junk food. You are a foe, and I hope you're happy with what you just did to me. Now you made me end up doing this *Takes a cookie and munches on it* You did this to me.. *munches more*


The Tall Man has love for none. Including a bouncing, purple pony.

Your Avatar looks wicked sick. I think you'll be a good friend but then I will end up betraying you. Just the heads up on that.

Foe. He looks evil.

Indeed. Hoppip is obviously the most horrible and terrifying of all the Pokemon.


Try as either of you might you will never get my gatorade as long as I still have my army of drinks and snack foods >:D

We'll see about that. Time to do the windy thing...

Also, purple gatorade is horrible. Get some of the yellow kind.

Chris Sandford:
it just looks evil...
so fashionable...

Was ninja'd. Anyhow, you look like a normal dude. I would just not deal with you of being a friend or foe but rather warn you to stay out of my way. Just expressing by how my Avatar is lol.

T-1000 acknowledges the prince.

I kinda doubt they'd be friends, but I can't really see them getting in each others way.

Looks like trouble. Wouldn't be able to say who he is or where he's from though.

Friend? maybe?

I like Fire Emblem, so friend.

I like Fire Emblem, so friend.

It's till showing the druid? well i changed it

Eye dislike wrestling, so foe.

Damn ninjas. foe just for ninja'ing me.

I'm part tree, the Avatar above me has green hair....

maybe we can be friends?


You are my foe, enemy, and thing of nightmares!!!

EDIT: Below post... But i'm a happy wood troll thingy!

it freaks me out .... eyeball be foe!!!

**EDIT** ..... ok it's a troll thing now ..... foe still XD


what is that?


I'm made of fire :P

Friend, you look like a nice dog to me.

I would say friend, but Darth Maul would honestly just lock her away somewhere 8-/

Edit: Got beaten, Just lock him away somewhere, and as the avatar is not an attractive young girl, the dude would probably also bleed for DMs amusement.

flaming dog eh?
..i'm thinking....friend?
...ok green guy...no clue XD



I'm made of fire :P


what is that?

Blood-dripping catboy. =D

cat thing? is it an adept? then Were Best Bros!

Friend, Darthy likes blood, and those who spill it, not my taste though...

EDIT: Beaten again, foe, Darth Maul does not like organic pets / servants, only robots.

Whats wrong with the eye ?

Its fromt Tool (good band, look for some songs if you havent heared of them).


Foe, I dislike darh maul. He ad a cool sword, but it dosentecuse the fact that I associate him with that terrible film with Jar jar.

Ok, I don't know what windy thing your talking about, but you dare insult my flavor of choice!?! Well it just so happens that purple gatorade are the silent assassins of my snack food army. I hope you sleep comfortably tonight as they enact vengeance for your outcries against my regime.

Excellent, my plan is coming together perfectly. Soon you will be out of shape from snacking and I will be able to capture you in order to study your powers. Then my snack-based empire will be unstoppable. MUHAHAHAHAHA

btw I <3 this thread :)


It is an evil looking eyeball. I shall make him an ally and use him to freak out my enemies

foe you poser i was commanding evil when you were sucking on your mama's spikey teat

edit: and miss

Darth Maul in the Matrix? Interesting...

EDIT: I don't know if I could be friends with Sauron...

Gonna go with "foe". That was easy.

I mean...It's fucking Sauron.

Friend, Sauron might not like that, but it would make for a good spoof.

Edit: Friend, Because the Matrix has given Maul the halluco-shroom effect here...

oh my god it's a ninja fest XD

person? appears to be magical? Hey do you want some free Earth Psyenergy?

Friend, Made a good point on the ninjas, I bet I will have to edit this post.

lol EDIT: Foe, this time because Maul is hungry. That thing looks bite-sized.


This could be a...mutually benefactor partnership.

Foe, you're a robot.

Darth-Maul in the Matrix? Interesting...

EDIT: I don't know if I could be friends with sauron...

But friendship magic. As MLP avatar you are obliigated to befriend everything. (I assume given I havenever seen MLP).

Foe... Its some random dude, so i dont trust him. (who is your avatar ?)

well i am looking for some reliable minions.... hey at least you killed one main character

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