Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Foe, I don't like being watched by that...

Foe: just for beating me to it twice XP

Foe, Maul is a baddass piece of shit.

friend, judging by his trophys.

Foe....you evil SOB!

I am just going to say foe, because whoever it is WILL get infront of Cyro... making me edit -.-

EDIT: You are kidding :P
Okay, friend, for actually being there in the previous spot when in posted... and I don't mess with miracle workers.

Foe, green Maul = blasphemy

Foe, damn sith

Friend, I don't see why not it is Legolas after all.

he legolas? want some more earth magic?
Ninjad: symbol thing? what is that? foe?


EDIT: DAMMIT that would have been so beutiful

Foe, Legolas looks like he is squinting at me!

EDIT: Holy... Foe, 3rd time infront of my victim :P

Friend. Darth there seems to be stuck in the matrix. not being in the matrix myself I could stand a friendly chat or two.

Heh we have to stop meeting like this

EDIT: the posts....coming....too fast

On the other hand you, my good sir are welcome to join me anytime

Friend, that monocle is INCREDIBLY stylish.

EDIT: 0_0 4... times... I SURRENDER UBER!

I can't be your Friend, because you remind of Headcrabs, but you are not a Foe because you have an awesome Tophat and Monocle.

EDIT: Well Maul, I don't really like you, because you killed Liam Neeson.

mudcrab? mud is an earth attribute, id have to be friends with it.

edit: rarity? well she can use magic, so friend? Hey Rarity, want to hang out with a Venus Djinn?

Fat crab thing. Yeah. I'd friend that.

Friend for appreciating my style.

Your avatar scares the fuck out of me, Brandon.

Wonder what someone will think of mine.

Friend because you're not all that evil :3

Moved to Forum Games. Carry on, guys!

Friend: Appreciation XD It is good.

Kefka? You are pretty freakin evil man...

Friend. Everypony is friend. :3

Foe: It is a pony 0.o

Friend... MLP rocks.
Damn ninja!
Edit: neither friend nor foe. Effing scary.
Edit2: Okay, Friend!

Foe, I Hate ponies.-_-
Dam ninja'd, Freind cats make life worth living for me


EDIT: foe, those eyes... they look pyscho... I am one to talk though XP

Friend, because Matrix Maul is the best kind of Darth Maul.

ps - Anyone wondering what the symbol is just think of it of symmetry do you like being symmetrical?

Edit - Cursed Ninja's

friends? you can multiclass fire and earth magic with me

Friend: I realise I have to be nice to get it close to grab and eat it.

All a board the fail boat.. woot woot.

Foe (Im likely to ninjad, its likely too be a brony).

Oh a spartan. Friend.

Foe: The eye, it is blue.

No idea who will actually be above when this posts, but what ever it is is getting a foe vote this time.

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