Avatar above you a Friend or Foe?

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Friend, because Zero is a total badass.

one guy jumping on another guy from a pole? thats just suspicios...


I just don't know about Samurai Pizza Cats...

Foe. I don't want to get body slammed.


I don't know what she's thiiinkiiiing...

Friend, again, Zero is a total badass.


Whatever he's doing looks painful.

Friend. A genius who is shy and cute.

Friend, who isn't firo's friend? XD

Friend because i like your hat

Friend he looks nice enough.

foe he looks to nice


We could be Samurai buddies!

Foe. Something seems off about him. I don't trust it.

Friend. because I haven't said that in a while

Cant tell...I got red buttoned!


I don't know who the avatar is, but since she seems wuite good-looking i will be kind.


Friend? I don't know!

PONIES!!! My one true enemy!!!

*Opens fire*

Looks like a hunter.


I like pandas, but not when they're about to eat my face off!

Friend, because he has a derp face.

Everyone knows that derp faces are only on friendly people!

I'm gonna have to say foe, for obvious reasons......


Friend, because A: it's Megaman, and B: every time I see it it makes me LOL.

Friend! ... I think. ^^

Aww hell yeah, that hat instantly make me think friend. Its all in the hat + face.

Everyone I know is a friend in someway. ^^

Friend, because he has an awesome hat! ^__^

Foe, I seem quite derpy today D:

Friend, I have come to trust that face! ^___^

Friend ^-^ I lower his derpyness ^-^

Friend. Why?


Mega Man my friend, good to see you.

No. Prepare to eat chainsword!

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