Kill the above avatar in a gruesome way.

Thread title, says it all, really.

Example: Let's say somebody pressed The Button, and now Justin Bieber is above me. I would say:

"I will kill you by driving icepicks into your eyes until they come out the back of your head."

Your turn!

*slow-mo head shot*

pyramid head grape:
*slow-mo head shot*

OT: When you were not looking, I filled your hat with venomous rattlesnakes. They haven't been fed for a few days and are extremely agitated. You have just placed them on your scalp.

I will let your imagination fill in the rest.

Death by HEAD- oh wait that has already been used.

Having no avatar in games like this must be win ^_^

I take his hat and throw it at him, cutting off his head, and causing blood and guts to spurt out of his neck.

Ever heard of a sand blaster?

I rip off your glasses and put you in a room full of very sharp, camouflaged objects.

test the structural integrity of the orange rod on your arm to the structural integrity of your face, multiple times.....

I shove it into the barrel of the Intruder cannon and fire it at a munitions factory.

sit down and not notice you under my mech.

Rip your mech to pieces with my Titan close combat weapon.

tie you to the ground and let the bamboo below you do the rest.

Use gravity to slowly crush you inside your armour.

Buried under a mountain of homework.


iron maiden. 'nuff said

Iron maiden. Played on a giant tower speaker.
Your head explodes from the pure metal

Strangled with your own scarf!

Let Satori have a go with Orin. Mentally gruesome.

Death By yuyuko!

Death by...THUMBS UP!

I drop you in a shark tank then drop an even bigger and heavier shark tank on that shark tank

Hot glue your anus closed and keep feeding you and feeding you!!!

I remove your skin off piece by piece, then staple your mouth shut. I then rip open your rib cage and leave you out to roast in the sun.

Very cute, yes?

I kill you by cloning you and making you eat your clones

Gets caught by aliens and put in a toaster...


Have them watch the same videos they showed Alex Delarge for two weeks. Except show it to THEM for four years non-stop.

meat grinder, one of the small ones that I have to force you into.. then feed you to your friends as burgers at your funeral..

thats kinda dark.. I'm gonna get off the internet for awhile..

make your clones kill you, then each other!


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