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Go back to school LIKE A BOSS

Playing Shogun 2, LIKE A BOSS

Get a haircut, LIKE A BOSS.

Posting on forums LIKE A BOSS.

Managing underlings LIKE A BOSS.

Looking sexy LIKE A BOSS.

Hanging out with my friends LIKE A BOSS

Doing homework LIKE A BOSS.

Don't have homework LIKE A BOSS.

Watching TV LIKE A BOSS.

Bookmark this thread LIKE A BOSS!

Jam to Rage Against the Machine LIKE A BOSS

Dancing in my seat LIKE A BOSS!

Tabbing in and out of the Escapist while working LIKE A BOSS!

Conflicted about what I want to do right now LIKE A BOSS.

dalek sec:
Bookmark this thread LIKE A BOSS!

Say "I bookmarked this thread before it was cool" in a hipster voice LIKE A BOSS!

Earn hard to get badge LIKE A BOSS!

Tweet about my cat LIKE A BOSS!
And not at all like a crazy cat lady. Nope.

Chew cat's ears LIKE A BOSS!

Planning my destiny for tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!

Checking my Emails LIKE A BOSS!

Preparing for Japan Club Anime Night LIKE A BOSS.
President of school's Japan Club = nightmare! T~T

Forget to hydrate yourself LIKE A BOSS!

Finish Magicka LIKE A BOSS!

Send a friend request LIKE A BOSS.

Ordering a new avatar LIKE A BOSS!

Miss Neigel Thornberry LIKE A BOSS.

Be pro like a boss!

Turn 18 on Sunday LIKE A BOSS!

Congratulating LIKE A BOSS!

Getting hungry LIKE A BOSS.
Going to get lunch now LIKE A BOSS.

Catch up on TV LIKE A BOSS!

Agonize over tattoo placement LIKE A BOSS!

Talking with a boss LIKE A BOSS...wait...

Celebrating my 100th post LIKE A BOSS..

Congratulating you LIKE A BOSS.

Joining in on the congratulations LIKE A BOSS!

Taking out the trash LIKE A BOSS!

Thanking everyone who helped make this possible and supported me in the many rough times i endured, LIKE A BOSS!

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