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I'm depressed LIKE A BOSS.

Looks like I'm *sunglasses* LIKE A BOSS!

Sucking at Japanese LIKE A BOSS

Still hating the new YouTube channel page LIKE A BOSS should.
Seriously, who are the idiots who thought that piece of crap was a good idea?

Using YouTube mobile LIKE A BOSS!
Sure no auto play playlists, but it's layout never changes. XD

Not doing work LIKE A BOSS!

Procrastinating homework LIKE A BOSS.

Burning schoolwork LIKE A BOSS!

Putting off sleep (Like a boss!)

Charging my phone LIKE A BOSS!

Wanting pizza LIKE A BOSS!

Making pizza, LIKE A BOSS!

Making me hungry LIKE A BOSS.

I am full now, LIKE A BOSS

I am jealous LIKE A BOSS.

I was just attacked by my cat LIKE A BOSS

I've been there LIKE A BOSS

Charge a controller LIKE A BOSS.

This is why I should have two LIKE A BOSS.

Having weird-ass dreams LIKE A BOSS.

My dreams are never allowed to be posted here LIKE A BOSS!


Posting things, LIKE A BOSS

Run school's Japan Club LIKE A BOSS

Having weird-ass dreams LIKE A BOSS.

Relate to this post LIKE A BOSS.

Hasn't dreamed anything in a while LIKE A BOSS

Completely beat THPS2 LIKE A BOSS

Finish Anime Night LIKE A BOSS.

Board out of my freaking mind LIKE A BOSS.


Typing an Email LIKE A BOSS!

Eat chips LIKE A BOSS
Clean braces LIKE A BOSS

Doing nothing LIKE A BOSS!

RP with a friend LIKE A BOSS

Solve a Rubik's Cube LIKE A BOSS
Drink a Coke LIKE A BOSS
Go on Facebook and LIKE A BOSS

Eat a sandwich LIKE A BOSS.

Dance around the house, air guitaring to Rage Against the Machine LIKE A BOSS

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