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Modding like a madman LIKE A BOSS
I. Can't.Stop! Help me! T.T

Watching Max drop into a state from which he will not return from... LIKE A BOSS!

Wishing he could stop modding LIKE A BOSS
I'm addicted to mods LIKE A BOSS

I am addicted to TF2 hats, LIKE A BOSS!

Listen to music LIKE A BOSS!

Had a great time from the Expo and the Beta weekend LIKE A BOSS!!!

Say that's great to Scarim LIKE A BOSS
Behind schedule LIKE A BOSS

Beat Metro 2033 LIKE A BOSS.

Getting farther behind schedule LIKE A BOSS

Play Call of Duty LIKE A BOSS

Playing Megaman Legends LIKE A BOSS

deported 300 paulbots in texas who don't have a proper driving license back to somalia... LIKE A TEXAS RANGER.

Posting frenzy LIKE A BOSS!

Waiting for avatar enlargement LIKE A BOSS!

Get back on schedule LIKE A BOSS

I got a running nose LIKE A BOSS (and it's not nice)!!!


Get rejected by a friend LIKE A BOSS...

Judging a leprechaun juggling contest, LIKE A BOSS!

View YouTube Statistics LIKE A BOSS
Get confused because of weird statistics LIKE A BOSS

Feeling alot better LIKE A BOSS!!!

scratching my whiteheads LIKE A BOSS.

Listen to FFXIII-2 soundtrack LIKE A BOSS

Having funky internet today LIKE A BOSS

Enjoying my day off LIKE A BOSS!

Download more mods LIKE A BOSS

Constantly quote O Brother, Where Art Thou? LIKE A BOSS

Posting in this thread LIKE A BOSS!

Typing this out LIKE A BOSS!

Gonna give my uncle some tools LIKE A BOSS
Have orientation tomorrow LIKE A BOSS
Gonna register classes tomorrow LIKE A BOSS

Waiting for dinner LIKE A BOSS!

Download body changer for New Vegas LIKE A BOSS!
Able to make characters look human LIKE A BOSS!

Wondering where Overpuce went LIKE A BOSS!

Looks for PC version of New Vegas: Ultimate Edition LIKE A BOSS!

Looks for PC version of New Vegas: Ultimate Edition LIKE A BOSS!

Recommending you get it LIKE A BOSS
Will show you good mods LIKE A BOSS
Really tired LIKE A SlEEPY MAN

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