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Killing Deathclaws LIKE A BOSS

Jamming to electronic music LIKE A BAWS

Do nothing all night LIKE A BOSS!

Eating my friend's food LIKE A BOSS
Talking with my friend's dad LIKE A BOSS

Gonna see "The Dark Knight Rises" tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!

Saw Dark Knight Rises yesterday, as well as the first two right before it in the same theater, LIKE A BOSS!

Sitting and talking LIKE A BOSS!

Trying to get water out of my ear LIKE A BOSS

Reading Kuroshitsuji LIKE A BOSS

Dealing with a muffled ear LIKE A BOSS

Master the M4A1 in Modern Warfare 3 LIKE A BOSS

Go out to look for Theatrhythm:Final Fantasy LIKE A BOSS

Possibly getting a 3DS with 5 games for $120 LIKE A BOSS

Going to bed soon LIKE A BOSS!

I may return in the morning!

Modding Fallout New Vegas LIKE A BOSS

Wasting precious hours LIKE A BOSS

Waking up early after falling asleep early LIKE A BOSS

Being reminded of something terrible LIKE A BOSS
Need Mind Bleach LIKE A BOSS

Reading One Piece LIKE A BOSS!

Should catch up on One Piece LIKE A BOSS
Not reading One Piece or any manga in 7 months LIKE A BOSS
Getting distracted LIKE A BOSS

Posting from Starbucks like a hipster LIKE A BOSS

Modding like a madman LIKE A BOSS
I. Can't.Stop! Help me! T.T

Watching Max drop into a state from which he will not return from... LIKE A BOSS!

Wishing he could stop modding LIKE A BOSS
I'm addicted to mods LIKE A BOSS

I am addicted to TF2 hats, LIKE A BOSS!

Listen to music LIKE A BOSS!

Had a great time from the Expo and the Beta weekend LIKE A BOSS!!!

Say that's great to Scarim LIKE A BOSS
Behind schedule LIKE A BOSS

Beat Metro 2033 LIKE A BOSS.

Getting farther behind schedule LIKE A BOSS

Play Call of Duty LIKE A BOSS

Playing Megaman Legends LIKE A BOSS

deported 300 paulbots in texas who don't have a proper driving license back to somalia... LIKE A TEXAS RANGER.

Posting frenzy LIKE A BOSS!

Waiting for avatar enlargement LIKE A BOSS!

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