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Ignored trick or treaters LIKE A BOSS

Post a relevant video (Like a Boss)
Click Post (Like a boss)
Sleep till noon (like a boss)

Post here again, like a boss!


Post a relevant video (Like a Boss)
Click Post (Like a boss)
Sleep till noon (like a boss)

Wow, what a lazy bastard...(like a boss)

Lurk at school (like a boss)

Write a story (Like a boss!)

Do a dance! (Like a boss!)

Watch Ponies! (Like a boss!)

Get a stomach ache from candy LIKE A BAWS

Watch Adam West LIKE A BAWS

Listen to Creed LIEK A BAWS
Buy Human Clay LIEK A BAWS

Sup... Like a boss.

Post in forum games LIKE A BAWS

Going to buy a new car tomorrow LIKE A BAWS

Do the Napoleon Dynamite dance....LIKE A BOSS!

Read every post in this thread. (Like a boss)

Add my own. (Like a boss)

Class bell rings. (Like a boss)

Walk home. (Like a boss)

Get back on Escapist (Like a boss)

Notice I'm not the last post LIKE A BAWS

Get a fucking sweat ass deal on a game LIKE A BOSS!

Jam to Nonpoint...LIKE A BOSS!

Eat Paper! ( LIKE A BOSS !)

Do my homework ( LIKE A BOSS !)

Get an F! ( LIKE A BOSS! )

Jam to Iron Butterfly...LIKE A BOSS!

Play TF2 (like a boss)
Procrastinate (like a boss)
Copy-paste (like a boss)
Do work (like a boss)

Order an Iron Butterfly album off of the Internet....LIKE A BOSS!

hang out with friends (like a boss)

hit on girl (like a boss)

she hits on me (like a boss)

she has a boyfriend (like a boss)

cry myself to sleep (like a boss)

masturbate (like a boss)

Attend a funeral LIKE A BAWS

Respect the dead LIKE A BAWS

Celebrate life LIKE A BAWS

Study (like a boss)

Take a break (like a boss)

Post on the Escapist (like a boss)

Look out the window. (LIKE A BAWS!)

It an't a sin though. (LIKE A BAWS!)

To drive a Pinto. (LIKE A BAWS!)

With some bling yo! (LIKE A BAWS!)

Need eye drops LIKE A BAWS!

Cause they're dry LIKE A BAWS!

From posting all the time LIKE A BAWS!

Buy Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water LIKE A BOSS!

Torment Snake (LIKE A BAWS!)

Pretend to work LIKE A BOSS!

Babysit while posting LIKE A BAWS!

Post on nearly every forum game LIKE A BOSS

Posting frenzy LIKE A BAWS

Rock out to AC/DC LIKE A BOSS!

Plotting your Death LIKE A BOSS

Make a DeviantArt account LIKE A BOSS

Itchy posting fingers LIKE A BAWS

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