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Got some earbuds LIKE A BOSS!

Haven't eaten dinner LIKE A BOSS
Need to finish homework LIKE A BOSS

My left eyelid is twitching LIKE A BOSS (and it's annoying)!!!

Someone's going crazy LIKE A BOSS XD

Talk with my cousin about making plans for Bronycon next year LIKE A BOSS

Procrastinating LIKE A BOSS

Get S rank on all basic songs in Theathrythm: Final Fantasy LIKE A BOSS!

Eating ice cream LIKE A BOSS.

Getting an S rank on One Winged Angel on expert LIKE A BOSS!

Wondering if I should read my Keys for Writers book LIKE A BOSS

Get an S rank on every expert song in Theathrythm LIKE A BOSS!

Believe I will get 8000 or more posts by the end of the year LIKE A BOSS!

Not going to Bio class since it was canceled LIKE A BOSS
Want to go back to sleep LIKE A BOSS

Exterminate LIKE A BOSS!


Drink Sprite LIKE A BOSS!

Play unlocking characters in Theatrythm LIKE A BOSS!

Having lunch right now LIKE A BOSS!

Typing on the Escapist while in class LIKE A Boss

Ballsed up on the cute animal quiz LIKE A BOSS.
I only got 50% the first time and got 60% the second time.XD

Remembering university LIKE A BOSS!

Post a video LIKE A BOSS.

Listen to KH music LIKE A BOSS!

Need to go to the chiropractor like a boss...

Preparing for a party LIKE A BOSS

Got back home from work early LIKE A BOSS!! (It was raining alot so my dad gave me a lift.)

Gathering up money LIKE A BOSS!

Stay up all night, Like a BOSS!

Listen to music LIKE A BOSS!

Play with coworker's baby Alaskan Husky LIKE A BOSS

Lock my dad in the shed, like a BOSS! (I didn't even know he was there, his reaction was pretty funny though.)

Playing Super Mario Land 3D LIKE A BOSS!

get grounded LIKE A BOSS

Watching tv LIKE A BOSS!

Beat the hardest optional boss in Kingdom Hearts 3D using a lazy strategy LIKE A BOSS!

Going to bed LIKE A BOSS!!!

Going to nap LIKE A BOSS!

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