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I too am going to nap LIKE A BOSS!

Get un-grounded LIKE A BOSS
Play Modern Warfare 3 until my eyes pop out of my sockets LIKE A BOSS

Preparing to have an awesome night LIKE A BOSS!

Get ready for Rosh Hashana LIKE A BOSS.

Get a new puzzle to put together LIKE A BOSS!

Laughing at a comedian, LIKE A BOSS!

Potatoes (like a boss)

Chuggin on Gigabytes LIKE A BOSS!

Computer randomly slowing down LIKE A BOSS
Makes it impossible to record LIKE A BOSS

Still in shock from the Escapist telling me to slow down my posting LIKE A BOSS!

Laughing that the Escapist wants you to slow down LIKE A BOSS XD
Have writer's block LIKE A BOSS

Cleaning my room LIKE A BOSS!

Try to hook up my PS3 up to a smaller TV LIKE A BOSS
Fail miserably LIKE A BOSS

Listening to Fairy Tail openings LIKE A BOSS!

Go to the ER LIKE A BOSS
Get out of the ER 2 hours later LIKE A BOSS

Bought The Avengers dvd LIKE A BOSS!!!

Watch Youtube Poop LIKE A BOSS!

Walk down a street LIKE A BOSS!

Trip over own shoelaces... LIKE A BOSS!

Going to the chiropractor on Wednesday LIKE A BOSS!

Heading out LIKE A BOSS!

Have a sore throat LIKE A BOSS
Don't want to go to work LIKE A BOSS
Don't want to go to class LIKE A BOSS

captcha: Wishy Washy...I'm now apparently a washing machine. Damn it I don't have Kazooie!

Memerize school schedule LIKE A BOSS!

Warching Thor LIKE A BOSS!!!

Unlock my favorite handgun in Modern Warfare 3 LIKE A BOSS

Feel like meh LIKE A BOSS
Don't want to go to school LIKE A BOSS
Have to go to school LIKE A BOSS

Have to go to bed so I can go to school early LIKE A BOSS!

Make Drinks (like a boss)
Run a business (like a boss)
Quit (like a boss)
Taking trips (like a boss)


Need to post in this thread more often LIKE A BOSS.

Fijiman needs to do that LIKE A BOSS!

Gonna write a research paper LIKE A BOSS
Gonna start doing my homework in advance to avoid stress LIKE A BOSS

Posting tonight LIKE A BOSS!

Gonna take a shower LIKE A BOSS!

Got to sleep in LIKE A BOSS

Post in all the games LIKE A BOSS!

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