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Do homework LIKE A BOSS

Order a new iPod LIKE A BOSS

Clean room completely LIKE A BOSS!

Work 9 days in a row like a boss...

Get today off early LIKE A BOSS!

Playing Guitar Hero 3 LIKE A BOSS!

Have writer's block LIKE A BOSS

Have to get up extra eearly for work tommorrow LIKE A BOSS!!!

Have to clean the house tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!

Have to write up assignment LIKE A BOSS!



Applying for jobs LIKE A BOSS!

Drinking some fruit sprite drink LIKE A BOSS!

Cooking tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!

Turning in a rough draft of a paper LIKE A BOSS

Trying to choose between playing Harvest Moon and Skyrim LIKE A BOSS!

Playing Final Fantasy 9 on the Vita LIKE A BOSS!

Remembering stories like a boss!

Taking my med LIKE A BOSS!!

Slowly going crazy LIKE A BOSS!

Finished my midterm LIKE A BOSS
Most likely failed my midterm LIKE A BOSS

Got paid LIKE A BOSS.

Gotta take a shower, gotta shave and gotta look nice LIKE A BOSS!

Gotta test some shit LIKE A BOSS.

Free of that shitty red button curse, LIKE A BOSS!

Checking my mails LIKE A BOSS!!!

Somehow lose video views LIKE A BOSS
Like 400 views suddenly disappeared.

Survive 87 rounds on the last map in Tower Madness LIKE A BOSS!

Being up late LIKE A BAWS

Lie in bed, eating leftover stew, watching anime LIKE A BOSS!

Listen to an old favorite song LIKE A BOSS
Feels good to be angry about nothing again for some reason LIKE A BOSS

Start reading Storm of Swords LIKE A BOSS!

Almost reached 8000 posts LIKE A BOSS!

I just may be able to reach 10000 by the end of the year!

Burping LIKE A BAWS!

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