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Don't have school tomorrow LIKE A BOSS
Gonna record and edit like crazy this weekend LIKE A BOSS

Going to do nothing but sleep for the next four days LIKE A BOSS

Has a cooking test, written test and has to have an assignment handed in for tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!!!


I might wake up briefly to play Pokemon LIKE A BOSS

Helped someone out in a game LIKE A BOSS!

Warm my feet LIKE A BOSS!

Haven't been playing Dream Drop Distance LIKE A BOSS

Sad that I've been unable to play Dream Drop Distance LIKE A BOSS

Sleep in LIKE A BOSS!

Makes Nero play Dream Drop Distance LIKE A BOSS!

Get drunk at a work Christmas party LIKE A BAWS!

Win two prizes LIKE A BAWS!

Be the only on who dances to Gangnam style right LIKE A BAWS!

Get a free taxi ride home safely LIKE A BAWS!

Get a hangover like a boss...

Charging up my Ipod LIKE A BOSS!!!

Makes Nero play Dream Drop Distance LIKE A BOSS!

Recording Final Mix for you and others LIKE A BOSS

Recording Final Mix 2 Data Battles for Game Anyone LIKE A BOSS! XD

Enjoying a Grey Cup party, LIKE A BOSS!

Lying on the couch LIKE A BOSS.

Enjoying Chinese food, LIKE A BOSS!

Drawing, LIKE A BOSS!

Installing games on my laptop LIKE A BOSS!!

Had pie for lunch LIKE A BOSS!!!

Has not eaten lunch LIKE A BOSS!

Eating Hula Hoops LIKE A BOSS!

Questioning Tizzy's consumption of toys LIKE A BOSS XD

Watching Adventure Time, LIKE A BOSS!

My right hand is cold LIKE A BOSS (Danm cold winter!)

Have an ear infection LIKE A BOSS

Sympathize with Nero LIKE A BOSS! (ear infections suck)

Sending well wishes via forum games LIKE A BOSS!

Get well soon Max! D:

Going to take advantage of awesome PSVita offer LIKE A BOSS!....... tomorrow...

Got my prescription LIKE A BOSS.(it's been like a month)

Listening to the Escapist Communicast LIKE A BOSS!

Considering taking part in a communicast LIKE A BOSS! But with my schedule, I doubt I could talk for an hour with people.

Have already listened to the Communicast LIKE A BOSS!

Eating a banana LIKE A BOSS!!!

Getting close to 10K in posts LIKE A BOSS!

Gonna congratulate Dalek LIKE A BOSS

Tell Dalek to make a thread about it LIKE A BOSS!

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