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Rehearse lines LIKE A BOSS

Beat mini boss LIKE A BOSS!

Confusing pokemon LIKE A BOSS!

Enjoying my day off LIKE A BOSS!!!

Finish work LIKE A BOSS!

Eating breakfast LIKE A BOSS.

Listening to music BOSS A NOVA.

Watch gameplay videos on youtube LIKE A BOSS

Watching JonTron LIKE A BOSS

Downloading Sonic Adventure 2 HD LIKE A BOSS
Gonna record some more Crash Bandicoot Warped LIKE A BOSS

Becoming the World Boss.

Getting to leave work early (thanks to the new deputy manager) LIKE A BOSS!!!

Over one year of being an Escapist LIKE A BOSS.

Enjoying your brains, LIKE A BOSS!

Fearing a zombie apocalypse, LIKE A BOSS!

Ask to be on the CommuniCast LIKE A BOSS

Finish Communicast LIKE A BOSS!

Working out the audio LIKE A BOSS!

Asked to be on the Communicast LIKE A BOSS!

Gotten no reply LIKE A BOSS!

Dashes Nero's hopes LIKE A BOSS!

Have my hopes of being on the Communicast dashed for now LIKE A BOSS...T.T

Laugh at Nero LIKE A BOSS!

I mean *ahem* cheer Nero up LIKE A BOSS!

Unable to be on the Monday Communicast LIKE A BOSS!

Monday is a bad day for me to join Communicast. Having a schedule like a boss...

Feeling warm LIKE A BOSS!!

Do homework LIKE A BOSS!

Don't have college LIKE A BOSS.hearing about everyone's finals and whatnot really makes me glad about not being in college

Wish Fiji luck LIKE A BOSS

get a cold, LIKE A BAWSS

Watching The Dark Knight Rises LIKE A BOSS!!!

Watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged LIKE A BOSS!!!

Staying up late LIKE A BOSS!

Pizza and beer LIKE A BOSS.

Orange Juice and tissues (I am sick) LIKE A BOSS!

Time for bed LIKE A BOSS!!!

Writing script LIKE A BOSS

Wish Fiji luck LIKE A BOSS

Wondering what Nero is wishing me luck for LIKE A BOSS.

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