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Had a bath LIKE A BOSS!!!

Drank some water LIKE A BOSS

Getting angry LIKE A BOSS

Playing my 360 LIKE A BOSS!

It's that time again.

Twenty-four thousand posts, LIKE A BOSS!!

You post a lot LIKE A BOSS!

At the finale of a game LIKE A BOSS!

Winning matches LIKE A BOSS!

Eating chocolate LIKE A BOSS!

Would love some LIKE A BOSS.

Cooking dinner LIKE A BOSS

Watching Zero Punctuation and Yahtzee's LPs LIKE A BOSS

Grinding for yen in Persona 4 LIKE A BOSS!

Getting hungry LIKE A BAWS!

Catching up to us LIKE A BOSS

Finished work early (very quiet today) LIKE A BOSS!!!

Have exams next week! LIKE A BOSS
Procrastinating! LIKE A BOSS

Have work tomorrow LIKE A BOSS

Parents made me depressed LIKE A BOSS

Had to walked house by house (well mostly) posting the company store leaflet LIKE A BOSS!!!

Get my old avatar back LIKE A BOSS!

Enjoyed the new Year party LIKE A BOSS

Recorded during New Years Eve LIKE A BOSS

Swamped myself with editing again LIKE A BOSS

Make a stupid decision last year LIKE A BOSS

Had a danm good pizza LIKE A BOSS!!!

Falling farther behind on my YouTube subscriptions LIKE A BOSS. -_-'

Scarim Coral:
Had a danm good pizza LIKE A BOSS!!!

Want pizza LIKE A BOSS

Taking down Christmas decorations LIKE A BOSS

Eat Chinese food LIKE A BOSS

Gonna rage right now LIKE A BOSS


Getting to have two days off work LIKE A BOSS!!!

Wish I had two paid days off LIKE A BOSS

Going to work in the morning LIKE A BOSS!

Also going to work in the morning LIKE A BOSS

Just watched The Sopranos finale LIKE A BOSS

Watching YouTube videos LIKE A BOSS

Judge Judy LIKE A BOSS.


Make over 7000 posts LIKE A BOSS.

Figure out how to record PC LIKE A BOSS

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