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Lost my ipod, LIKE A BOSS

Feel like I'm gonna puke LIKE A BOSS

Have a boatload of stuff to do LIKE A BOSS!


Finish work LIKE A BOSS!!!

Get Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade LIKE A BOSS

Buy Psychology text book LIKE A BOSS

Watch awesome British comedies...LIKE A BOSS

Wondering if my old games will work in XP mode LIKE A BOSS

Get new antivirus LIKE A BOSS

Want to play old PC games LIKE A BOSS

Unable to play them due to having too good a computer LIKE A BOSS

Listening to my dad cough and snore LIKE A BOSS. B(

Running out of time LIKE A BOSS! D:

Thinking about stuff now LIKE A BOSS.

Bored outta my gourd LIKE A BOSS

Have an exam in 2 hours, LIKE A BOSS

Watch cool dancing LIKE A BOSS!

thinking about how well the "LIKE A BOSS!" meme endured the ages, LIKE A BOSS!

Finish one of my GW2 characters story LIKE A BOSS!!!

Waiting for the oven to be free so that I can make my supper.. LIKE A BOSS!

Eating chimichangas LIKE A BOSS

turn on Fire Fox (like a boss)

surf to the Escapist (like a boss)

check on RPs (like a boss)

sift through threads (like a boss)

get some cake (like a boss)

sift through more threads (like a boss)

eat some of the cake (like a boss)

type this comment (like a boss)

eat more of the cake (like a boss)

open new tab (like a boss)

read the story in that tab (like a boss)

close that tab (like a boss)

correct a spelling error (like a boss)

post this comment (like a boss)



Wake up!, LIKE A BOSS

Cancel order LIKE A BOSS

Saving for Wii U LIKE A BOSS

why not save for anything else, LIKE A BOSS?

Want to be able to record Wii games and Wii U games LIKE A BOSS

Gonna buy Wind Waker HD LIKE A BOSS

Also I like to buy myself equipment and stuff LIKE A BOSS

hd remakes on cell shaded games seems to be kind of a waste, like a boss.

i advise you to wait for a better release of the wiiu, like a boss.

Wiiu's capacity seems unacceptable, as of now, like a boss.

There aren't other games that I want LIKE A BOSS

They are using entirely new models for the Wind Waker remake LIKE A BOSS

I want to play my Wii games LIKE A BOSS
Wii is hacked and won't play games past 2009.

Should be sleeping LIKE A BOSS!

Still have homework LIKE A BOSS

Bought Luigi's Mansion LIKE A BOSS

Distracting myself from pain LIKE A BOSS!

Guild Wars 2 LIKE A BOSS

Listening to Miracle of Sound songs, LIKE A BOSS!

Watching KoopaKungFu LIKE A BOSS

Music countdown LIKE A BOSS!

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