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Playin' Forum Games while working, LIKE A BOSS!

Make my lunch LIKE A BOSS

Playing 5 games of chess at once LIKE A BOSS.

Record myself some music LIKE A BOSS

Not paying attention in philosophy like a boss!! (seriously, this lecture has just become 'escapist' time for me)

Learning English Tort Law, LIKE A BOSS

Playing chess LIKE A BOSS!

Do homework LIKE A BOSS

Realize I didn't download my project onto my flash drive LIKE A BOSS
Plan a get-together with friends LIKE A BOSS
Forget I have a dentist appointment that day LIKE A BOSS

Downloading a legal movie through a terminal LIKE A BOSS

Eating ice cream during winter LIKE A BOSS.

Render Luigi's Mansion LIKE A BOSS

Forum games cast listen LIKE A BOSS.

Anticipate my weekend LIKE A BOSS

Reading Lord of the Flies LIKE A BOSS.

Enduring the sudden cold weather LiKE A BOSS!!!

Watching a grandmaster game of chess LIKE A BOSS.

RPG and music LIKE A BOSS.

Doing homework LIKE A BOSS


Don't know what to say LIKE A BOSS.

Just pee'd my pants, LIKE A BOSS!
Listening to National Broadcast Network, LIKE A BOSS!
Enjoying my new Adventure Time headphones, LIKE A BOSS!
Thinking of bathing in lye later, LIKE A BOSS!

Almost 2000 posts LIKE A BOSS!

Have an argument with my dad LIKE A BOSS

Achieved an new forum rank LIKE A BOSS.
Started a new forum game LIKE A BOSS.
Playing Halo LIKE A BOSS.

Cry because I can't get a job and pay for the things I want LIKE A BOSS

Watching Linux Action Show LIKE A BOSS.
Slaved over the SAT LIKE A BOOS.

Watching Wreck-it-Ralph LIKE A BOSS

Posting in Forum Games LIKE A BOSS!

Fight with my girlfriend LIKE A BOSS
Feel bad LIKE A BOSS

Finishing 5 AP World assignments LIKE A BOSS!

.SSOB A EKIL sdrawkcab gnitirW

Comfort a girl I like while in class LIKE A BOSS!

Set up a double date for the weekend LIKE A BOSS

Not having a love life atm like a boss...

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