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Not G. Ivingname:


Nice ass *wolf whistles*

Make inappropriate sexual advances on the secretary LIKE A BOSS.

Cry in corner, LIKE A SECRETARY!

File Harassment Lawsuit, LIKE A SECRETARY!

Fear losing job, LIKE A SECRETARY!

Eat a bagel, LIKE A SECRETARY!

Lose my job LIKE A BOSS

Wife files for a divorce LIKE A BOSS

Life falls to pieces LIKE A BOSS

And let's not forget, run a joke into the ground LIKE A SUPERBOSS

Get promoted, TO THE BOSS.

Harass male works, LIKE A BOSS.

Laugh at Harassment lawsuits, LIKE A BOSS.

Beer an pizza LIKE A BOSS.


Geek out over airsoft guns LIKE A BOSS
Tell my mom what a picatinny rail is LIKE A BOSS
Watch Game Grumps LIKE A BOSS

Finally watching the Doctor Who Christmas special LIKE A BOSS

Playing Dungeons and Dragons LIKE A BOSS

Seriously everyone else died leaving me alone with around 8 enemies all of whom could one shot me with full health. So I took out 4 of them and seriously damaged the others, before the DM had to wrap up, so had the rest charge me and I went down. My duel-wielding ranger is a complete BOSS.

Forum Gaming LIKE A BOSS!

Download the Sly 4 demo LIKE A BOSS
Rock out to this song LIKE A BOSS


Watching Gavin's Q and A, like boss.

Has to cook tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!

Glad I don't live in Connecticut LIKE A BOSS

Finishing report LIKE A BOSS!

Get ungrounded LIKE A BOSS
Apply for a job LIKE A BOSS

Wonder why you were grounded LIKE A BOSS
Playing a really difficult game LIKE A BOSS

Failing to ge the crystal ship, LIKE A BOSS.

Wondering how much longer I have to play FTL, LIKE A BOSS.

Get my ass kicked by Tidal Wave over and over again LIKE A BOSS

Rage quit Transformers LIKE A BOSS

Getting ready to cook LIKE A BOSS!

Forget microphone at home LIKE A BOSS

Unable to attend class because of it LIKE A BOSS. >.<
Wouldn't be able to answer the questions.

Going to sleep in my fresh new duvet and pillow cover LIKE A BOSS!!!

Drinking milk, LIKE A BOSS!

Get a RAM upgrade LIKE A BOSS

Wish I had a GPU LIKE A BOSS

Change my avatar and title LIKE A BOSS

Love First's new avatar LIKE A BOSS

Wait for rendering to finish LIKE A BOSS!

Wonder why you were grounded LIKE A BOSS
Playing a really difficult game LIKE A BOSS

Got grounded because of crappy grades NOT SO LIKE A BOSS
Reply really late LIKE A BOSS
Wonder why my avatar hasn't shown up on my computer yet LIKE A BOSS

You need to clear your cache LIKE A BOSS

Have a slow internet connection LIKE A BOSS

Have my date not show up, LIKE A BOSS.
Get no sleep, LIKE A BOSS.
Refresh web pages, expecting something new, LIKE A BOSS.

Clear my cache LIKE A BOSS

28 thousand posts, LIKE A BOSS!!

Fail at Faster Than Light LIKE A BOSS~

Doing the Forum Gaming thing again LIKE A BOSS!

Going to bed soon LIKE A BOSS!!!

Ranking up on Raptr LIKE A BOSS!

Play Sly 4 LIKE A BOSS

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