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Working on work LIKE A BOSS!

Playing some Modded Mount & Blade, LIKE A BOSS

Get even sicker LIKE A BOSS!

Fight through the pain LIKE A BOSS

Had an easy time at work LIKE A BOSS!!

Because the stock delivery (I work in retail) never came LIKE A BOSS (they're coming on Friday including the Friday delivery aswell)!!

Wait impatiently LIKE A BOSS

Swear in frustration LIKE A BOSS!


Was tried from work LIKE A BOSS (see the last post on here for the reason)!

Get angry at my dad LIKE A BOSS

Made my own group LIKE A BOSS.

Playing Dark Souls LIKE A BOSS!

Sleeping in by accident like a boss...

Clean cars LIKE A BOSS

Playing my Steam games LIKE A BOSS!

Posting from a library LIKE A BOSS!

My parent are on holiday (Hong Kong and China) for a month LIKE A BOSS!

Which means I get to run the house by myself FOR A MONTH!!!

Reading Things Fall Apart LIKE A BOSS!

Listening to the Game Grumps LIKE A BOSS!

Laugh at Game Grumps LIKE A BOSS
Gonna watch som JonTron later LIKE A BOSS

Posting on the Escapist LIKE A BOSS!

Watching Two Saiyans played LIKE A BOSS!!

Friday off LIKE BOSS.

Wastin' time LIKE A BOSS.

Playing Dark Souls LIKE A BOSS!

Ate some Lucky Charms LIKE A BOSS (You can't buy that cereal in the UK anymore so this sweet shop had them imported.)



Need to eat something LIKE A BOSS.

Possibly get a C on another Japanese test LIKE A BOSS
Get depressed LIKE A BOSS


Watching fighting game tournaments LIKE A BOSS

Looking up chess openings LIKE A BOSS.

Eat dinner LIKE A BOSS

Try and reset my sleeping pattern LIKE A BOSS.

Working on World History AP work LIKE A BOSS!

Watching a comedy about the War in Afghanistan LIKE A BOSS.

Watching Doctor Who stuff LIKE A BOSS.

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