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Need to eat something LIKE A BOSS.

Possibly get a C on another Japanese test LIKE A BOSS
Get depressed LIKE A BOSS


Watching fighting game tournaments LIKE A BOSS

Looking up chess openings LIKE A BOSS.

Eat dinner LIKE A BOSS

Try and reset my sleeping pattern LIKE A BOSS.

Working on World History AP work LIKE A BOSS!

Watching a comedy about the War in Afghanistan LIKE A BOSS.

Watching Doctor Who stuff LIKE A BOSS.

Get my math grade up LIKE A BOSS
Finally get to play my games again LIKE A BOSS

Facing off against the Four Kings LIKE A BOSS!

Watching the original The Mummy LIKE A BOSS.

Posting regularly (maybe) again LIKE A BOSS!

How does he do it LIKE A BOSS?

Putting up with the cold weather LIKE A BOSS (for bloody sake, it suppose to be at least mild in March)!!!!

Getting DOTA to work LIKE A BOSS!

Confronting a problem like a boss...

Has got a few cuts on my hansds LIKE A BOSS (bad case of papercuts)!!!

Almost sleeping LIKE A BOSS!

Go on a posting spree LIKE A BOSS

Playing TF2 LIKE A BOSS!

Watching tv LIKE A BOSS!

Being forced to watch an anime LIKE A BOSS
Want to die of embarrassment LIKE A BOSS

Playing chess and doing well LIKE A BOSS AGAIN!!

Enjoying my day off LIKE A BOSS!!

For it's my first Sunday off LIKE A BOSS!

I usually work on Sunday but the store it closed today LIKE A BOSS!

Return to forum games LIKE A BOSS!

Under 9000 posts LIKE A BOSS.
this was post 8999.
Got a really strange Captcha LIKE A BOSS.
4 8 15 16 23 42 really odd.

Resisting a Dragonball Z meme LIKE A BOSS!

Playing DOTA and losing LIKE A BOSS!


Wasting time LIKE A BOSS!

Remember why Majin Buu was awesome LIKE A BOSS

Remembers that he likes Dragonball Z LIKE A BOSS!

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