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Got tricked LIKE A BOSS!

Fooling the crap out of me LIKE A BOSS!

Watch EVO fights LIKE A BOSS
Desire a name change for my profile LIKE A BOSS

Playing Chrono Trigger LIKE A BOSS!

Run a mile LIKE A BOSS
Change my username LIKE A BOSS

Drinking tea LIKE A BOSS.

Avoiding sleep LIKE A BOSS!

32 thousand posts, LIKE A BOSS!!

Bragging, LIKE A BOSS!

Gonna eat my own bacon LIKE A BOSS.

200 posts LIKE A BOSS.

They build up quicker than you think LIKE A BOSS!

It's my birthday LIKE A BOSS!!!

I still had to come into work LIKE A BOSS!!!

Had a cupcake from a work collegue LIKE A BOSS!!!

Listening to Avenged Sevenfold LIKE A BOSS~

Scarim Coral:
It's my birthday LIKE A BOSS!!!

Wishing you a happy birthday LIKE A BOSS.

Bossa Nova LIKE A BOSS!

Posting here LIKE A BOSS!

Kill Big Sister LIKE A BOSS!

Working Saturday for the first time LIKE A BOSS!!!

Saying farewell to the deputy manager LIKE A BOSS (he is transfere back to the old store he was position in)!!!

I'm totally dreading the new boss next week like a BOSS (I had worked with her before and she is unpleasent and every people agreed including the higher ups)!!!!

Play Ratchet & Clank LIKE A BOSS

Time-travel LIKE A BOSS!

Waste a day LIKE A BOSS!

Road trip LIKE A BOSS!

Ace the exam LIKE A BOSS!

Studying for the SAT LIKE A BOSS!

Procrastinating going to work LIKE A BOSS!

Watch Spongebob LIKE A BOSS

About to make dinner LIKE A BOSS!

Go to school LIKE A BOSS

Listen to Opeth, LIKE A BAWS!

Drink some Diet Coke, LIKE A BAWS!

Post sporadically, LIKE A BAWS!

Open a window, like a boss.

Have better things I could be doing right now LIKE A BOSS.

Trying to fix my sleeping pattern LIKE A BOSS!

Seeing Muse at a live concert tomorrow, LIKE A BOSS!

Eating brownies LIKE A BOSS.

Do yoga LIKE A BOSS!

Find someone to blame LIKE A KROSS!

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