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Grind the day out despite excruciating pain LIKE A BOSS

Lay down LIKE A BOSS.

Eat tacos LIKE A BOSS

Remembered to share this LIKE A BOSS.

Read fanfiction LIKE A BOSS

Post in all my bookmarks LIKE A BOSS!

Feels great LIKE A BOSS!

Feeling sleepy LIKE A BOSS.

Be hungover LIKE A BOSS.
Never drink again LIKE A BOSS.
Beer for lunch LIKE A BOSS!

Making adjusting to my new smartphone LIKE A BOSS!
Downloading apps LIKE A BOSS!

Prepare for a date LIKE A BOSS
Get nervous LIKE A BOSS

Prepare for a date LIKE A BOSS
Get nervous LIKE A BOSS

Wish you luck LIKE A BOSS!

OT: Relive scary moments in my gaming childhood LIKE A BOSS!

Still makes me shiver LIKE A BOSS!


Thank you LIKE A BOSS

Procastinating on homework LIKE A BOSS.

Watching my brother play video games while I roam the Escapist LIKE A BOSS.

Losing sleep due to the Escapist LIKE A BOSS!

Losing sleep due to loneliness LIKE A BOSS!

Forever alone LIKE A BOSS.

Waiting for a party LIKE A BOSS!

Completing Dragon Age for the 5th time, LIKE A BOSS!!!

Succeed on my first date LIKE A BOSS

Congratulate you LIKE A BOSS!

Thank you LIKE A BOSS

Randomly crave popcorn LIKE A BOSS.

Ate a bag of movie popcorn LIKE A BOSS.

Gathering materials for Steampunk goggles, LIKE A BOSS!!!

Finish homework LIKE A BOSS!

Clapping LIKE A BOSS! (I never do homework, xD)

Playing Pokemon Ruby LIKE A BOSS

Being afraid to pick up my Ruby game again LIKE A BOSS.
(I preferred Pokemon Firered more anyway)

Wanting to play Megaman Legends 2 again LIKE A BOSS

Pointless pursuit of happiness LIKE A BOSS

Doing nothing LIKE A BOSS.

while bored: Lurk.LIKE_A_BOSS

Staying up late, LIKE A BOSS!

Charging my phone LIKE A BOSS.

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