The steadily increasing song length game

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I dread to think what this thread will be like when I check on it tomorrow, after I've slept.

I don't think it'll be too bad; posts have slowed down.

Waited a long time so going to post the 4 minute leap.

Alright then, leap forward 43 seconds:

Couldn't find the full song in a single video, but it's 19:03, so +12 seconds.

Edit: Just noticed the full song is in the related videos. Doyyy.


My next song is 14 minutes.

Then 18 minutes.


Yeah I think that'll be the biggest gap we'll have.

I can fill the gap. Besides, the longest song I've got is 1:11:48.

At that length I think that qualifies as being a symphony.

Disregard the leap you gotta stick by the rules

Well it looks like the thread is pretty much dead so

Here's a 20 minute song

and finally a song with infinite time

I'll double ya!

Well, it appears we've reached the end. Unless anyone has any songs longer than 40 minutes...

As a Classical fan I've got a few more up my sleeve.

Starts 14 min in.

Heh, the longest classical piece I've got is a 10-minute piano thing by Chopin.

What say you guys to the idea of reversing the thread, so we steadily decrease from here? Taking care to not repeat any songs, of course.

Let me slide in with three more (in ascending order of length, naturally) before we reverse...
I just played the Wagner card, Dr.Susse - What do you have left now??
this is such an epic thread!

Well, I'm done. I can't think of any more long pieses/songs. :(

Well I've gone ahead and put all of the songs here on a playlist. All of them. Everything from the guy posting a nearly 15 minute song at the way beginning and every ninja'd song as well. I even went ahead and found the full songs when people posted them in parts or attached to other songs, except for the ones above that are over an hour.

I'll add more if people can top what we currently have.

It's over 24 hours in total length. Although one song started about 14 minutes in and another started around 24 minutes in so it's about 24 hours and 5 minutes really.

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