If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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You're huggable. Indeed!

When you land, you're going to hurt me...

Please come, ride it.

Ooh, nice bike.

Oh and I suppose you look good as well...

Aw shit! Look who got an upgrade! Also, WHY THE FUCK ARE WE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLEFIELD!?

Captcha:"skynet knows" Well Skynet can kiss my ass as long as it's going to continue giving me DISH and cereal captchas.

Nice hat... face cover... thing.

Well good morning!



So was the bed comfortable?

Nice room. o.o

Where's the bed? That's the most important part here...

Why hello my lady~

I was listening. You need to practise.

Well hello Maestro! :o

I can help you with that...

And then the door closes

"Is that a rifle in your hands, or are you just happy to see me?..... Wait...."

Aww such a cute kitty!

My god...you are perfect!
You can stay as long as you like, and I'm not just saying that because you've got a mini nuke on my terminal and the fact that you probably hacked it...>.>

DIE YOU MUTANT BITCH!*unloads a clip from the All American into her face*


You should really see a doctor about your skin...it seems very pixelly...

I'm sorry, who are you?

That hat simply must go darling!

Why hello there. Wait, what's with the sword?

Sir, remove that cat from your head

He doesn't want to be there


I want icecream now.

Well hello there~

What the fuck is wrong with your hair?!


He'd destroy me

I'm uncomfortable with this.

Uhm, Leon... Where are we? And how badly am I going to die here?

On one hand, whip; on the other hand, tits. I don't know :(

Damn. I must tripping balls to the fucking moon right now.


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