If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Aww, hold on little puppy girl... I'll let you out of that glass box...

Shouldn't you be getting me a bottle of water?

Um...wah who?....da....um...right....

I've gone crazy haven't I?


No thank you, go back to your missions old man.

I clicked subscribe, but I'm not rubbing your boobies.

Interesting, mortal. Now get out before I use alchemy to kill you messily.

I do believe your mirror is broken.

Careful with that sword, honey.

Your uh... face is missing... dear god...

I'm sort of flashing back to that scene in Cabin In The Woods now...

Shoujo art style is just so blegh.

Careful with those sharp things sweetie~

0_0 Um... hi?

"Access to the webpage was denied"


*GASP* Thank god you've found me! I've been lost in this butterfly sanctuary for months. Help me!

Bitch please, get off my laptop. D:<

You have face piercings... ugh.

You need to find a tailor, you pants are ripping apart at the seams.

Are you a sax man?

Wai so seriouz?

No thank you.

POKE... what the hell?

Are you a magician?

That is so amazingly tacky.

It's time to go then? I guess I huffed my last paint.



Hello, Virgil.


Flan, what's that mess?

...Not sure if angry or just tsundere.

That was unexpected!

Quit whining you pansy. It's just a flesh wound.

How did a camel get into my bed?

You and your creepy ass hand better stay away from me.

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